One of the most dangerous things that you can end up with in your home following a water damage incident is mold.  Mold is scary for so many reasons, but it is all spearheaded by the risks that it presents to the health of everyone living in your residence.  Mold is scary, to say the least because it has the ability to form so very quickly after you end up with water in the home.

Mold is something that can take form in as little as 48-hours following a water damage incident.  When you have water or just residual moisture in the home, mold has the opportunity to take hold.  Once it does, it is going to spread very quickly. This means that the mold will go through your walls, make it into your air ducts, and other areas of the home that you just do not want.


The Role of a Remediation Professional

The role of a mold testing company Jacksonville is to work to help you not only identify all of the molds that you have in your home but also to work to get rid of it for you.  Mold testing starts with an assessment of all of the areas of water and residual moisture in the home.  Where did your water damage event occur and where is the potential that water could have made it to as a result?

We have technology that can help us identify water in areas that you simply cannot see with the naked eye and this same type of testing allows us to check for mold as well.  The role of a remediation professional, working for a mold testing company Jacksonville like us, is to give you peace of mind so that you do not have to worry about the mold.


The Licensing Factor

Not every mold testing company Jacksonville has a license to work as a tester to check for mold, as well as a remediation company.  We at Anderson Restoration have both and you can view our licenses by going right on our website.

The importance of companies having this license is, simply put, it is required.  In the state of Florida, new legislation was recently announced that requires any company that performs mold work to be licensed.  This includes an assessment as to whether or not mold exists, as well as a license that allows remediation work to be done.  We have both of these licenses, substantiating our expertise in the area as well as our experience.



You want to have a company that is licensed not only because that makes them legal to do the work, but it also makes them reliable.  The whole purpose of the legislation was so that mold, which is a serious problem, is dealt with properly by professional companies who have the knowledge and the experience to do so.  When you hire a company that is fully licensed, you are going to know that the mold issues that you are facing will be tackled head on and with a gameplan that has a very high success rate.  We want our customers to feel confident that when they call us with a potential mold problem, it is going to be handled timely and professionally so that their worst fears can be mitigated.

Mold is something that no one ever wants to deal with in the home.  The thing though is that the risk of mold growth is always present, especially following a water damage event.  As a licensed mold testing company Jacksonville, we can come in and give you peace of mind that no mold exists.  In the event that mold is found, though, we can work to make sure that the problem is fully remediated and that your home is mold-free and safe once again.