Cleanliness in the office space has always been important, but never more so than right now. There are a few steps to take before your team members make their way back to the desks and communal meeting spaces. In an effort to keep our Jacksonville community safe, Anderson Restoration provides top-of-the-line coronavirus clean-up. Here are three reasons to invest in a professional cleaning service this season:

Keep Your Employees Happy and Healthy

Daily use of computers mouses, couches and snack stations quickly leads to a build-up of dirt and grime. Our sanitation experts recommend daily wipe-downs and periodic deep cleans. It all starts with identifying areas that need the most disinfection. 

  • Keyboards
  • Phones and headsets
  • Chairs
  • Snack stations
  • Computer mouse
  • Pencils and pens

Improve the Look of Your Workspace

Bright, clean working conditions are directly linked to employee productivity. Daily or weekly cleanings are crucial, but they don’t take care of dirty crevices and hidden grime. While a professional cleaning from Anderson Restoration is necessary on a monthly (or at least quarterly) basis, there are a few things you can do to keep germs at bay. 

  • Provide hand sanitizer at every desk, community area and in the restrooms
  • Individual packs of bleach wipes should be kept in every desk drawer, while employees are encouraged to sanitize their stations at the end of each day
  • Place a few air purifiers around your workplace. These little devices can help with everyday germs and allergens

Partner with the Professionals to Keep Your Space Clean

There’s a regular deep clean, and then there’s a deep clean during a pandemic. Public places require a different level of cleanliness as Florida moves to reopen. In an effort to put your employees’ minds at ease, it’s smart to hire a professional sanitation company. That’s where Anderson Restoration comes in. 

My angels on earth…They were so professional, knowledgeable and caring. Call the BEST right away and they will be at your door to help you, instead of trying to rip you off!

- Melody N., 5-Star Google Review



We’re committed to improving the health and sanitation standards during this time. Contact our team today to schedule your office cleaning.