Why Older Homes Are More Susceptible to Mold Growth
Mold is something that truly is everywhere. When you take a look at mold worldwide, what you will realize is that there are more than 100,000 species of it. Mold can take many different forms, can attach to pretty much anything, and can grow quite rapidly. The professionals that work for our mold removal company Jacksonville understand the dangers of mold, the risks that it presents, and want to take action to help you combat it. Whether that means preventing mold growth, or removing it after it has already spawned, you can rest easy knowing it can be taken care of.

How old of a home do you have? Was your home built more than 50-years ago? The fact of the matter is that older homes are going to be more susceptible to mold growth than newer homes. We find mold growth in older homes much more commonly, but why? What is the reason that mold growth is seen more often in older homes than new homes?

Poor Moisture Protection

When older homes were built, the materials that were utilized were good but not quite as advanced as they are today. This left homeowners with reduced moisture protection that they are still dealing with today. Simply put, it is easier for moisture to find its way inside of an older home than in a new one.

Start with the base of the house, the foundation. If you have a foundation that is just 10-years old, and then one that is 50-years old, which is more likely to have cracks? Which of the two foundations will allow water to get through easier? The older foundation is going to make it much easier for moisture to get into the home and once it does, that is when mold can form.

Lacking Air Flow
Older homes are also less likely to have central air conditioning systems. These systems are very efficient at helping combat mold due to the work that they put in to remove all of the moisture that they can from the air.

When you have an old home, you are going to find that the air flow is just lackluster. Even if you have window air conditioning units in place, the moisture is not going to remove from all rooms. Humidity levels are going to be higher, and when moisture is allowed to form, to sit inside of the home, that is when the mold is going to have the highest probability of taking hold.

Preventative Steps

There are preventative steps that you can take as a homeowner with an old estate. The professionals at our mold removal company Jacksonville can come to give your home analysis, let you know where the risk areas are. They could help you identify plumbing even that should be replaced by a leak forms and mold begins to grow. It is these types of preventative measures that you are going tow ant to think about. When you take action early, before mold ever has the chance to form, it is far easier to face head-on.

Mold growth is something that homeowners have to deal with quite frequently. When you have an older home, though, the commonality of its formation is seen more often. Our team of professionals understands the risks of mold, how quickly it can form, and we want to help you! Whether it is via mold prevention techniques or removal, our licensed team is ready for the phone call to take action and help secure your older home from mold.