Mold and mildew are very scary words to think about as the owner of any home or business.  When you are talking about mold and mildew the word speed has to immediately come to mind.  Speed involves how quickly mold and mildew can not only begin to grow, but also how quickly they can spread once they have sprouted inside your home or your business.

What so many homeowners and business owners want to do is to know what the right plan of attack should be when dealing with mold and mildew in their living or work space.  They want to take the right approach so that they can get to the root of the problem as timely as possible.  In many cases, hiring a professional mold testing company Jacksonville is going to be the answer.  Not all of these professionals are equal though in terms of their ability, their knowledge, and their experience.  When it comes to mold remediation, a mold remediation certification is what you want to keep your eyes open for.

New Legislation in Florida

The state of Florida recently introduced some brand new State legislation.  The legislation requires a license in order for someone to perform any type of mold related service to your home or business.  This can include assessment for mold as well as remediation of the mold and mold related damage that you may have suffered.

This matters a great deal because you want to be aware that this license and certification is out there and is a true requirement.  When you make the move to go out and to hire a professional, this is one of the first things that you are going to want to ask about.  In the event that someone is not licensed, it means that they probably do not have the qualifications to be doing this extremely important task.

Experience and Knowledge

The license and certification for mold remediation gives you as a homeowner or a business owner peace of mind that the work is going to completed, and completed properly.  We at Anderson Restoration and Emergency Services take a great deal of pride in our work and have acquired both of licence for mold assessment as well as mold remediation.

Our ability to get certified speaks to the years of experience that we have amassed.  We have a lot of knowledge and have pretty much seen it all when it comes to mold in a home or a place of business.  Due to this we know how to adapt to unique situations and face them head on.

Health Risk of Mold

There is a major risk out there pertaining to the impact that mold can have on someone in their home or business.  When you have mold and mildew in your home or place of business you are opening yourself up to the chance of suffering from illnesses, respiratory problems, and so on all related to that bacteria being breathed in time and time again.  Mold and mildew can grow and spread at an extremely rapid rate.  Once they get going they are going to make their way into your HVAC system and will quickly circulate throughout your home or office in quick fashion.

Mold remediation certifications speak to the level of experience and knowledge that a professional has that you may hire.  A mold testing company Jacksonville has to have a license in order to perform the work that they want to perform.  Ask for this license and certification to gain comfort that the people you are hiring are going to be able to follow through and execute to make your home or business free of dangerous mold.