Mold is scary for everyone, especially the homeowner. The scariest characteristic of mold is that it often hides and isn’t found until it’s too late. To make it even worse, mold loves to grow in places we rarely see. Lucky for homeowners, there are licensed professionals to seek out the mold and remove any and all of it.

Some locations in the home are more prone to mold growth than others, and knowing these trouble areas can help you avoid mold altogether. If you have an awareness of these spots and watch for mold growth, you’ll have the ability to be proactive and call us to remove it immediately.


Under the Sink

One of mold’s most common hiding places is below the kitchen and bathroom sink. Small leaks underneath the sink are extremely common, making the area extremely vulnerable. The little water droplets will turn into a puddle, and before you know it there’s black/green mold covering the inside of your cabinet. That’s a horror story if we’ve ever heard one! Avoiding dirty and dangerous mold is pivotal in ensuring safe quality air within your home.


Check the Bathroom

The bathroom is a hotspot for mold growth because more water is generated in the bathroom than any other room in a house. If your bathroom doesn’t have a fan or window, this is especially true. The moisture from showers and hot sinks will just sit on the walls, vanity and shower curtain. Be on the lookout for mold growth in these spots, especially the shower curtain area.


The Basement is a Prime Spot

Unsurprisingly, the basement also sees its fair share of mold growth. Basements are known to be humid, which is why using a dehumidifier is so important. With or without a dehumidifier, mold can spread rapidly in a dark, naturally damp environment.


Garage Walls

If you have a garage, you know it’s likely for water from storms to make its way inside. This might not seem like a big deal, but we guarantee you’ll be thinking differently once those small pools of water turn into a mold outbreak. Our team that hires mold removal services has seen this countless times. Unfortunately, your garage could be the next victim.

Mold can hide and grow in the most unsuspecting places. Even seemingly insignificant places like the vegetable drawer in your fridge, the vacuum or the mat where you place shoes at the end of the day can have moisture buildup which turns into mold growth. Once you see signs of mold, a mold removal service like Anderson Restoration should be called immediately to clear the problem. Your health depends on it.