What is a Mold Remediation License and Why Should You As a Consumer Care?

Mold removal is one of the hardest things that you will ever have to face as a homeowner just due to the complexity of it. Some professionals are licensed to do mold removal Jacksonville work, some aren’t, but why should you as a consumer even care? Mold can creep up into your home rather quickly and when it does, it can spread like wildfire. When you have moisture in your home, within your walls and/or ceilings, mold can take home in as little as 48-hours and begin to spread throughout shortly after that. This is when you need to call on a mold removal Jacksonville professional like us at Anderson Restoration.

The reality is that there are thousands and thousands of companies and people in general across the state of Florida and abroad that claim that they can help you with mold in your home, but how confident are you in their abilities? Mold remediation is the type of job that you truly only want to leave up to professionals that have the ability to do so. Did you know that in the state of Florida there is a process that you need to go through to even allow a professional to do this type of work? We at Anderson Restoration are fully licensed for mold assessment and remediation, but that may not be the case for others you are thinking of hiring.

State Requirements in Florida

Florida is one of the leaders in terms of setting standards for mold assessment and mold remediation work across the country. A new state legislation was recently passed in the state of Florida that has put some requirements around companies that want to do both types of work. Licenses now exist for both mold assessment and remediation work and are fully required if you intend to be acting as a professional and performing this type of service.

So many companies and individuals out there may claim that they can help you with mold, but if they are not licensed it should set off some warning bells in your head. It could speak to their lack of knowledge and experience in the field and it also speaks to them simply not being legally allowed to do said work.

The Licensing Difference

When you hire a mold removal Jacksonville company like us at Anderson Restoration you are going to get a real difference in the service and the expertise that is being brought onto your residence. We have years upon years of knowledge and experience in helping people across the state of Florida when they face issues with water damage, mold and much more.

The licensing difference is one that should give you as a consumer a real level of confidence in the work that is being done. When a professional can show you that they are fully licensed in the state of Florida, it should give you calm in knowing that they are going to get the job done that you need them to, quickly, and effectively. That really is all you can ask for as a consumer when it comes to mold. Get the mold out, disinfect your home, eliminate the odor, and restore it to where it once was.

We at Anderson Restoration have the licenses we need to be able to assess your home for mold and also work to remove the mold. The state of Florida has done a great thing with the legislation that it has passed that is requiring these to be had by any company looking to work to help those suffering from mold removal Jacksonville needs. When you reach out to us at Anderson Restoration we can give you confidence and comfort as you will know we are licensed, experienced, and ready to help you.