What is a Mold Remediation License and Why Does it Matter?

Mold does not need much to take form in the home and proliferate. It is a type of fungus that forms based off of multicellular filaments. These filaments can quickly become present when you have a household where moisture is present for persistent periods of time. As a water damage restoration service Jacksonville professional homeowners rely on substantially, we see mold taking shape in the home all of the time. It is something you want to address and quickly. It is also important, though, to be sure the professional you hire is appropriately licensed.

The State of Florida and Mold Remediation

The state of Florida is unique in that they have requirements to allow professionals to practice mold remediation work. The mold remediation work is going to entail cleaning up of the mold, getting it out of the home. It is all about having the knowledge, experience, and everything in-between to make sure the home is mold free after it is detected.

Florida has a mold remediation license in place. Professionals need to apply for and obtain the license to do two things. First, they need a license to do assessment work. The evaluation work is all about mold identification. The second piece of the puzzle is the remediation effort, the actual cleaning up of the mold. When these licenses are had, the professionals can do the work legally in the state.

The Importance of the License

There is a lot of importance that needs to be placed on the acquisition of the license in the first place. The state of Florida created this to protect consumers, right? They as a state understand just how serious of a problem mold is. The fungus can take form in as little as 48-hours after a water damage incident has occurred. Once it does take hold, it’s ability to expand rapidly is simply amazing. It can take hold of a home in just a few days worth of time.

Our water damage restoration service Jacksonville professionals understand just how quickly mold can move about the household. We have worked to acquire the license as a testament to just how seriously we take the mold remediation work. We want to be there for you and give you confidence that, when you hire us, you are going to be getting someone with the knowledge and experience to take care of the problem correctly.

So many inexperienced individuals claim they can assist with mold clean-up. They may come out to the home, do a good sales job talk, and then only clean up a portion of the mold. Once any is left behind, it can quickly expand further, grow more based on where it currently stands, have a bigger impact than it ever did before in the home. Our water damage restoration service Jacksonville professionals are licensed and want to give you confidence that will not happen. If you have a mold problem in the home, best be sure you are looking for a licensed professional!