What is a Mold Remediation Certification and Why is It Required in Florida?

The vast majority of the time, a home can spawn the growth of mold when it suffers from extremely water damage. The reality, though, is that anywhere that there are excessive amounts of moisture, mold can develop and spread quite rapidly. Mold removal Jacksonville professionals like us at Anderson Restoration have the critical task of assessing your property, analyzing which areas are going to be most problematic, and then working to take care of them, remediate them, as quickly as possible.

In the state of Florida, consumers are protected from professionals who claim they know what they are doing from a mold removal Jacksonville perspective but do not. This is thanks in large part to laws that have been put in place to you, the consumer, at the top of the mind. Anderson Restoration and Emergency Services has worked hard to meet all of the qualifications for the required licenses and are ready to help you with your mold removal needs.

The Laws in Florida Regarding Mold

The state of Florida introduced new legislation not that long ago that put requirements around what was needed to be able to perform both assessments, as well as remediation work, with mold. There are license requirements to do both types of work. If you are a company that wants to come out to a home and does an assessment as to whether or not mold is present, a license is required to do that. In the event you want to work to do mold remediation, meaning to work to remove the mold, a license is needed for that as well.

The laws are in place to ensure that mold is taken seriously by professionals. The state knows the dangers that are present when it comes to mold, what it can do to the air quality of the home and other health hazards associated with it. When the mold is not taken care of properly, it can easily grow and expand to the point where it can be actually detrimental to a residence. The laws are in place to protect you, the consumer.

Identifying a Licensed Professional

It is up to you as a consumer to make sure that you are hiring a licensed professional. When you hire someone to help you with a mold removal Jacksonville project, make sure that you are asking them about their license. Do not be afraid to question them to verify that they indeed have met the requirements to do the work that they claim they are qualified to do.

If they do not have the license that can tip you off immediately that they may not be as qualified as you think they are. You want to identify a licensed professional so that you can trust them and the work that they are doing. It is all about being confident that they will actually identify all of the mold and remove it promptly for you.

Mold removal Jacksonville jobs are nothing to mess around with, and at Anderson Restoration, we understand that. So does the state of Florida, evidenced by their legislation to put requirements around what companies must do to either assess or remediate mold in a home. Know the laws and be sure that the professionals you hire are qualified before you let them do work in your home. The licensed professionals are going to be those with the experience and the exact qualifications to rid of the mold problem you face.