Types of Flood Damage We Most Frequently See

Home floods are far more widespread than you think! Floods happen everywhere on a daily basis. One big rainstorm can leave an entire town or city flooded in a matter of hours. We are the team of professionals aiming to help. We want to be there on the call to get to your home should a flood occur. Our mold remediation Jacksonville sees mold situations all of the time, while basement floods are certainly up there as well. Flood damage can come in many varieties, but awareness to the commonality of certain types can be valuable.

Basement Flooding

One of the most common types of flooding in the world is a basement flood. The situation that usually happens here is a crack in the foundation allows for water to make its way into the cellar. The water table outside may have risen or the amount of rain may have been so extreme it pushes right through and causes damage. Moisture in the basement can be cleaned up, and it depends on if it is a finished basement or not to help weigh the extent of the damage. Regardless, mold remediation Jacksonville professionals are also likely to be needed to assess the situation.

Roof Leaks

The roof of your home gets more worn down each year that passes. The more the roof ages and deteriorates, the higher the risk it is going to start to leak. A hole in the roof is one way for water damage to take hold of the home.

When you have a roof that is leaking, the water is going to be able to make its way right in. The water will drip through the roof and likely start in the attic. From there, it will work its way through the insulation and down into the ceiling of the main level of your home. In these situations, the restoration work is extensive and also fixing the problem fast is a requirement.

Bathroom or Kitchen Flooding

Bathroom or kitchen flooding is also common due to the plumbing which resides in the rooms. Say you have a dishwasher where the house is suddenly starting to leak. Another prime example is the tub or toilet. Anything where plumbing is involved, you run a high risk of facing a flood in that area sooner or later. These types of flooding also bring with them mold risk and should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Flood damage can take many different forms. You could have a pool of water in your basement or water coming in through the ceiling from the roof. We see all sorts of situations homeowners face and tackle all of them methodically. All of our work is with the goal of restoring the residence to its pre-flood state. We want to give you back your home! Our flood damage and mold remediation Jacksonville teams are ready for the call should you need to make it.