Types of Fire Damage We See Most

You may think that the risk a fire destroying your home is low, and you are right. The odds of a house fire are far less than that of a home flood. The risk is still there though, and the odds are far from impossible! As fire restoration Jacksonville professionals, we see homes with extensive damage and repair needs all the time. So, we’re going to highlight the common types of fire damage to raise awareness, as well as prevention tactics for you, the homeowner.


One of the most common causes of a fire is an electrical source. When you have plugs and fuses overheating, a fire may not be far behind. Even though the source may not have a flame, something can cause a spark and make everything quickly go up in flames.


Candles are another source of fire damage we see often. Even just a tiny candle flame when left unattended, can prove to be devastating to a home. Candle-related fires usually originate from drafts within the house. The drafts will lead the flame to make items catch on fire.


Smoking is still a leading cause of fires starting inside of homes. The risk commonly seen here is when cigarettes remain lit. Homeowners are also prone to falling asleep with a burning cigarette, as well as not using ashtrays appropriately.

Dangerous Liquid Storage

Dangerous liquid storage is another one commonly seen by fire restoration professionals in Jacksonville. In basements, attics and garages some people tend to store liquids like gasoline and other flammables. These can catch on fire, exposing the home to a lot of risks.

Fireplaces Overlooked

If you use the fireplace often, the risk of fire inside of the home certainly increases. Leaving a fire unattended in the home is dangerous. Just a small draft can cause the fire to travel, much like a candle but to a more devastating extent. When a fireplace gets out of control, it can be hard to handle leading to house fires that result in extensive damage.

Fires are more common than you think. All it may take is some faulty wiring or even a forest fire to cause your home to catch ablaze. Once a fire gets going, the damage in a short period can be quite extensive. Put in the work to educate yourself and be prepared, so that you can avoid the need for our fire restoration professionals in Jacksonville. Proactive action and awareness are crucial to preventing house fires!