Three Things to Look For When Hiring a Mold Removal Professional in Northern Florida

Getting rid of mold that has formed in your home is something that you always want to take very seriously. Mold can be something that can form in your home much faster than you think. Following a water damage event in the home, the bacteria that leads to mold growth can begin to take shape in as little as 48-hours after that water, moisture has been allowed to sit. As the time passes by, the growth of the mold only worsens. It is up to you as a homeowner to take the necessary steps and get a professional on-site to deal with the problem promptly, and successfully.

There are a few major items that you want to be sure are checked off as you are on the hunt for a mold removal professional in the state of Florida. Plenty of companies claim that they can do mold removal Jacksonville work, but that does not mean that each will do so with the same level of effectiveness and/or efficiency. You want to hone in on experience, references, as well as making sure that they have the proper license.

Ask For the License Verification

You want to verify that the mold removal Jacksonville professional that you hire truly is licensed in the state of Florida. When anyone works to assess and/or remediate a mold problem in Florida, they need to be properly licensed in the state to do so. This was put in place via a law that was passed not all that long ago and it speaks to just how important proper mold removal practices really are.

When you hire any professional to remove mold in your home, make sure that they have that license so that you know they are approved to be doing the work that they are, legally.

Check for Years of Experience

How many years of experience does the team of professionals have that you are hiring? Experience does matter when it comes to mold as you want to be sure that the individuals you hire know where to look for the mold and how to get rid of it, no matter what types of variables that they may run into. Someone brand new to the mold removal business may not know how best to deal with some of the issues that may come up specific to your home, leaving you exposed to mold for longer than you should be.


References are also important. Ask around to your friends and/or your family. Has anyone you know ever had a mold problem before that they had to take care of? Who did they call and did that team of professionals do a good job? See if you can get some references and/or referrals so that you have a baseline of knowledge to go off of in terms of the type of work the professionals you are considering do and how effectively they do it.

There are plenty of companies in the state of Florida that do mold removal Jacksonville work, but for your home, you want to be sure that you are hiring the very best. That is where we come into play at Anderson Restoration as we will work to assess your home, find all of the molds, and then effectively and efficiently get rid of it. Knowledge, references, and having the proper license should be your area of focus before you hire any pro, so do your homework.