Three Common Areas Mold Can Easily Form Within the Home

Mold can form wherever there is moisture within the home. There are some areas of the home, though, where mold is simply going to be more commonplace than others. Mold removal Jacksonville professionals licensed in the state of Florida are experts in assessing your home for mold and also removing it, but it is up to you as a homeowner to reach out to them. Where are the more common areas where mold can quickly form within the home? Where should you be on the lookout in the event you fear you have had moisture make its way into your residence?

The most common areas where mold is going to form will be on your walls, your ceilings, as well as your windows. We will get into these in more detail, but it is all about awareness, understanding the risks and knowing what to keep your eyes peeled for should a major weather event come that could have resulted in moisture inside of the home.

Mold on the Walls

Having mold on the walls of the home is one of the most common things that mold removal Jacksonville professionals see. Usually, this is one of the easiest areas to remove the mold. When you have a wall that is painted, non-porous, it is a matter of just making sure all of the mold is identified and then wiping that mold away. We use the very best regarding products to ensure that the mold is completely killed off when we remove it.

This could also be an indication though that you have mold forming within the walls, something else that you always want to be aware of and on the lookout for. This can be a bit more problematic as it can result in the walls needing to be cut away to get to where the mold is growing and remove it.

On the Ceiling

One of the most common areas where water damage can result in the home is through roof leaks. When these leaks occur, what you can have moisture build-up on your ceilings which can lead to mold growth. This is similar to your walls regarding the ability for our team of mold removal Jacksonville professionals to get rid of all of it for you. You want to keep your eyes peeled though for corners of the walls and ceilings where they meet as well in case water gets its way in those spots as well.


The windows of your home are always pelted with water every single time that it rains. Anyone that has lived in Florida for a few years knows that some of the rainstorms that we get are second to none. This means a lot of pressure is placed on your windows and the seal of your windows. When moisture makes its way through your windows, into the frames, maybe through the seals, then mold can build up. You want to be aware of this and always be looking around your windows to make sure this is not happening and to help to prevent mold growth. If mold is detected, we can come out to fully assess it and remove it for you.

Mold removal Jacksonville professionals, our team at Anderson Restoration, have seen it all when it comes to the growth of mold in the home, how to best deal with these issues, and ensure the residence remains safe. Know the common areas and keep your eyes peeled so that we can work to be sure any mold issue that you are facing is swiftly dealt with.