Why Your Roof Started Leaking

Roof leaks can be the cause of extensive home damage! All it takes is one area of the roof to leak, and you could wind up with collateral damage due to that which debilitates the home. What so many homeowners wonder, though, is what causes the leaks to begin? What is the starting point of a roof leak and how do you prevent it? Our water damage repair Jacksonville professionals receive this question all of the time. Our goal is to help educate you, the homeowner, so you can work to prevent such leaks!

The Roof is Old

Like basically all materials, roofing materials are going to break down with age. As the roof ages, it picks up damage. This causes the roof shingles to be less effective at sealing the home, keeping the water out. The weather conditions can also have an impact on the deterioration of a roof. When you have temperatures that fluctuate, high winds and rain, that can cause the material to age faster than typical.

Roof Slope

What is the slope of the roof? Is the slope one that is simply too shallow for the house? Many homes were built with shallow slopes or even roofs that were entirely flat. Water can sit on the roof for longer than it should. In the case of a flat roof, it can pool in the middle quickly. International Building Code has guidance on what is needed for a roof slope. If you have a residence built before the code going into effect though, you may have one that is too shallow and presents its own risk.

Roof Flashing

The flashing on the roof is most commonly seen where the chimney goes through the roof of the home, or around edges where you have skylights. When you make a hole in the roof, you expose your house to an increased risk of leaking. Makes sense, right? Flashing is what is going to seal these areas. It is made of metal and helps to keep the water out. Caulking is utilized to supplement the flashing as well to enhance the seal further.

Shingles Disappearing

If you have gone through a slew of the main weather events, you may want to take a look at the roof to see if you have all of the shingles. Hurricanes, even tropical storms in Florida can lead to shingles being ripped off. Our water damage repairs Jacksonville professionals see this all of the time. The roof may be in great shape, but if the wind ripped off just one small area of shingles, it could lead to excessive leaking quickly.

So many reasons can lead to the roof of the home leaking. Understanding some of the common problem areas can help you prepare! Our water damage repair Jacksonville professionals are here should you spot a leak. Be proactive, though! Take the necessary step snow to reduce the risk of roof leakage, so you never have to deal with the water damage in the first place.