When you really start to think about how harmful water damage can be, you’ll definitely get a little scared. The smallest pipe burst in an otherwise perfectly maintained home can flood an entire living room and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Not to mention the expensive decor and assets that’ll get damaged, too. So, what in your home can a water damage specialist actually restore?

No matter how ruined your furniture may seem, almost nothing’s a lost cause when it comes to water damage. Stay positive and call a water damage Jacksonville professional, like Anderson Restoration. We’ll work with you to identify the assets in your home that can be restored. Trust us, it’s much more than you think.


Walls, Floors and Cabinets

The first things to consider after water damage are the structural components of your home like the walls, cabinets and floors. Your first thought is most likely they’re ruined and should be replaced, but don’t be so sure.

We follow a thorough process to fully restore all of these assets in your home. When any of these expensive components are drenched in water, we’ll work hard to return them back to their original state.


Home or Office Contents

Even though the big items might be the most expensive, the smaller items are typically more valuable. Think about all the little personal items in your kitchen, office and bedroom. No matter the seeming insignificance, we’ll do whatever we can to revive every single thing.


Timing is Everything

Timing is everything when it comes to water damage in your home or office. The rule of thumb is to call a professional like Anderson Restoration within 48 hours of the leak/burst/harsh weather takes place. Notice a moist area within your home or office? Call us immediately. We’re available 24/7 because we understand the urgency of handling water damage. The faster we get to the site of the damage, the more successful we’ll be in restoration.

Water damage professionals, like those at Anderson Restoration, can work miracles to restore your structure and belongings back to their original state. Unfortunately, there will probably be a couple things we can’t restore, especially electronics. But when it comes to walls, cabinets, floors and furniture, we’re confident we can fully restore and disinfect each and every item. Reach out to us immediately after disaster strikes and we’ll work our magic to eliminate any signs of water damage.