Professionals, like the great people at Anderson Restoration, follow an important process when testing for mold in your home. When it comes to mold, you need to reach out to an expert ASAP. Even if you aren’t positive there’s mold in your home, it’s always recommended to have it tested. Better safe than sorry, that’s for sure. It doesn’t take much for mold and bacteria to grow in your home, and once it’s present, mold spreads rapidly.

If you understand the extensive process that goes into mold testing services, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the restoration company handling the project. When we’re called to a home, we approach the project with the mindset that we’ll do whatever’s required to make the building mold-free.


How Mold Forms

Before you can fully understand the process professionals use to test for mold, it’s important to understand how mold forms. It’s pretty simple, actually. Mold almost always forms when moisture is present in your home. Whether it be moisture from weather, water damage or a pipe leak, mold will take its course. It’s worth noting that the best environment for mold to grow is in a humid, moist bathroom with no windows.


Know the Warning Signs

The mold testing process actually starts with you, the homeowner. Always be on the lookout for signs of water damage or excessive moisture and reach out to the experts at Anderson Restoration if you notice anything out of the ordinary. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to locate the mold and make your home safe again.


Relying on the Process

The thorough process we follow is what enables us to be licensed in the state of Florida as a certified mold testing service. Our certified technicians begin every job by doing a full assessment of your home to locate any excessive moisture. Once located, we find potential hot spots in the structure where mold is growing.

The extensive work required to test for mold couldn’t be done without the experience, knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment that every Anderson Restoration technician offers. Because of these qualities, we have the ability to test for mold and mildew within walls, beneath floors, ceilings and other areas that are often neglected or can’t be seen by your own two eyes.

The mold testing services we offer intend to give you the peace of mind that there’s no mold in your home. But if mold is unfortunately detected, we also offer licensed mold remediation services to take care of any harmful mold before it spreads. The dangerous characteristics associated with mold like unsafe air quality and ruined walls, ceilings and assets aren’t worth the risk of not being proactive. Hiring a licensed company to test your home for mold is the best way to gain assurance that your home is mold-free.