Professionals tend to follow a process they know is successful, and this process is especially important when it comes to water damage restoration. The experts at Anderson Restoration have honed their craft for many years and have developed the best process to handle any water damage thrown their way. The process we’ve mastered allows us to be efficient and effective for all our clients.

Water damage is a big deal. If it’s not handled correctly, it can ruin your home and shoot your stress-levels off the charts. Water damage has the ability to destroy your valuable assets and severely impact the air quality. If you understand our playbook, you’ll gain insight into the steps that are necessary for water damage restoration and make your home good as new.


It Starts With Experience

Water damage restoration starts with years of experience and expertise. We have over ten years of experience in cleaning and restoring homes and offices that have been harmed by water damage. Also, we’re IICRC certified, which means we have all the professional credentials required to have a license and be one of the most trustworthy and reliable companies in the industry. Not to brag or anything…


Assessing the Home or Business

The first thing we do is assess the home or business with the water damage. This is the part that rests on you. Calling us out to examine the damage needs to be done immediately. The quicker you reach out to us, the more successful the restoration project will be. After we investigate the damage, we’ll develop a plan of attack.


Identifying All Water

Next, we find out where the water and/or moisture is located in your home or office. We use extremely advanced infrared technology to detect water and moisture within the structure that can’t be seen by the naked eye.


Extraction Time

After we’ve located all the water, it’s time to put our extensive knowledge, experience and advanced equipment to use. We have high-tech water extraction and drying equipment that’ll make sure all the harmful moisture is removed. This is so important because if any moisture is left behind, mold can easily grow and cause even bigger damage.


Restoration Efforts

The final step in our process is to clean your home or office. We’ll get rid of any bacteria or foul odor that developed from the water damage. Anything that’s been affected, including furniture, walls and rugs, will be cleaned until restored to its previous condition.

Our process works, and our record of restoration proves it. Water damage is scary, and we’re waiting for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s so important to reach out to a professional within two days to avoid any irreversible damage. Let the professionals at Anderson Restoration use our incomparable knowledge, experience and process to make your home or office as good as new.