The Most Common Causes of Flooding in a Home

Flooding is more than just an inconvenience. When your home goes through a flood, it can be a real danger to the household on multiple levels. It can be damaging to the structure of the home, destructive to your prized possessions and more. There are some general causes of flooding in a home, and it goes far beyond just bad storms, though those are certainly one of the reasons. As water damage restoration Jacksonville professionals, we have seen home flooding happen in many different ways and wanted to highlight some to help educate.

Pipes Breaking in the Home

One of the most common causes of flooding inside of a home is due to broken pipes. We rely on pipes extensively to transfer water throughout the home and handle drainage. When you have a pipe that breaks through, even if it is just a minor crack, it can take a matter of minutes for it to become disastrous for a household.

So many times we have seen just one small break in a pipe leading to an entire home flooding. It is important to know where the main shut-off valve is for the home. In case of emergency with a broken pipe, using that to shut off the water supply to the household can save you tremendously.

Lack of Drainage

How is the drainage around your home? If you have poor drainage, you can find that you end up with flooding coming into the home due to water build-up. Torrential rains, with the water running past your home, can lead to leaking in the basement rather quickly. Drainage is the key to avoid these issues.

Gutters Getting Clogged

When was the last time you cleaned out your rain gutters? Rain gutters have the goal of making sure excess water goes away from the household. When they get clogged up from leaves, it can lead to rainfall making its way into the home, causing a lot of damage. When people don’t clean out their rain gutters, it is one of the more common reasons we get calls for our water damage restoration Jacksonville services.

The Hazardous Weather

Yes, the weather is one of the more common reasons as to why a home floods. With hurricanes coming more frequently this season than ever before, the weather has to be given its due attention. Preparing for these storms ahead of time can help, as well as making sure that things like your roof are in tip-top shape.

Making sure you are ready for anything when it comes to home floods. Sure, there are common reasons as to why home floods occur, but there is also a multitude of other causes that could crop up. We are here at Anderson Restoration to help you stay prepared. If the unfortunate event of flooding does occur, our water damage restoration Jacksonville experts are ready for the call to help restore your home promptly and efficiently.