Mold is one of those terms that always seems to scare homeowners and for very good reason.  Mold is something that can be truly debilitating to a home.  Once you have a home that is infested with mold it is going to take a lot of resources in terms of time and money to get rid of it.  The dangers of mold are well-documented.  When you are facing a situation of mold growth you are putting yourself and your family at risk.  Mold is something that can become very toxic over time and create a lot of health issues across the board.  This is why it is so important to be aware of the importance of professional, licensed mold remediation services available.

The biggest reason as to why you may end up with mold in the home is due to a water damage incident.  We at Anderson Restoration are well aware of this being the case.  This is why we stress that once you end up with water damage in the home, have an awareness and know that mold and mildew may not be far behind.  Mold can begin to grow in as little as 48-hours once you have moisture in the home and once it takes hold, you are going to have to deal with everything that comes along with it.  A licensed professional mold testing company Jacksonville can go a long way towards your remediation efforts.


Years of Experience

The great thing about going with a certified technician when it comes to mold remediation is that you know you are getting someone that has years of experience in doing this.  Mold is nothing to mess around with in the home and once you have a situation where mold is present, you want to take action to get it rectified as soon as possible.  The faster that you are going to be able to face the mold head on in the home, the quicker that you are going to be able to get your quality of life back in your residence.

Experience can go a long way when you are talking mold remediation.  Experience is what is going to be the driving force for someone to know what to do when certain situations arise.  No two mold situations are going to be exactly the same and it is that experience that our certified technicians rely on to know how to attack every mold instance that they come across and get it taken care of effectively and efficiently.


State Legislation

It is not just the experience that is in play here, it is actually the law in the state of Florida that you have to be a licensed mold remediation professional in order to do this type of work.  Now there are many companies out there that are going to pose as licensed professionals, but that does not mean that they really are.  Florida has introduced new state legislation that requires that you have a license to perform any type of mold related service.  This includes if you want to be a mold testing company Jacksonville as well as remediation company.

We at Anderson Restoration and Emergency Services are proud that we have both a license to do assessments as well as a license to do actual mold remediation.  We proudly display these right on our website so that they can be verified by all of our customers before we do any work for them.  Anyone can say they are a mold testing company Jacksonville, but few have the license.
You want a mold remediation professional that is licensed and certified to do the work that they are performing.  Just like you look to see if someone is a Certified Public Accountant before they do your tax return for you, you should make sure that the professional you hire for mold remediation has the credentials to give you assurance they will do the job effectively and efficiently.  That is exactly what we at Anderson Restoration and Emergency Services bring to the table.  The work we do to help our customers with mold remediation goes a long way to helping them restore their home.