There is a big difference between having the access to the right equipment and not when it comes to restoration of a home following a water damage incident.  Water damage is nothing to joke around with as it can have some major repercussions on the home.  When you think about water damage repair Jacksonville it really focuses on everything that can impact the home.  This includes looking at the assets of the home that are damaged, focusing on the structural integrity of the home and how it can be compromised from water damage, mold and bacteria growth, among other things.

Water removal equipment is the one thing that can help your home become restored fully following a water damage incident.  Think about what you typically do as a homeowner when it comes to trying to deal with water that has made it into your basement, or perhaps on your main living level. What you probably do is try and use a wet vacuum in combination with a mop and such to try and get up and dry as much of the water as you possibly can.  While this may work for extremely small incidents, it is still not going to solve the problem and get rid of all of the moisture even in those tiny cases.


Getting Rid of All Moisture

The goal of quality water removal equipment is to make sure that all of the water is removed from the home.  This is an integral step in the water damage repair Jacksonville process.  We at Anderson Restoration take water removal very seriously when we assess any home following a water damage incident.  When water is not dealt with in the home and all of the moisture is not fully removed you could be setting yourself up for some major issues.

Going back to the example of the wet vacuum, what you will find with using a method such as that is that you will dry up a lot of the big puddles of water, but the areas of moisture are still going to remain.  This is the moisture that can prove to be very damaging to a home.  When that moisture is allowed to just sit, even if it is very minor, it can cause some serious issues.  This includes leading to the growth of bacteria and mold, and really harming the structural integrity of the home.


Preventing Future Damage

What you always want to do following a water damage repair Jacksonville event is that you first and foremost want to restore your home.  You need to restore the home to get it back to where it was prior to the incident taking place.  In the process of this though you also want to be sure that you are doing your due diligence to ensure that no further damage is going to be caused as a result of the water making its way into the home.

The goal of a water damage repair Jacksonville job that we take on at Anderson Restoration is to accomplish both things.  When we use our top of the line water drying equipment we are going to work to extract all of the moisture that exists, not just what you can see with the human eye in puddles on the floor.  This is what is going to separate the wet vacuum from the quality water drying equipment in ensuring that no further damage is caused.

Water damage is nothing to mess around with, especially in a climate such as that of Florida where heavy rain storms are extremely common.  Water damage repair Jacksonville professionals like us at Anderson Restoration can work with you to ensure all of the moisture that has made it into your home is properly extracted.  We can also work to restore your home and its assets to their pre water damage state.  It is all about having professionals with the right knowledge and the right equipment and that is where we at Anderson Restoration can make a difference.