Safety Precautions to Take During a Flood Alert

You may be sitting at home watching your favorite television show when an alert arises. Your local news flips on making you aware of a flood alert in the area. Safety precautions are a requirement in these extreme situations. The National Weather Service has the job of informing your local area of the flood alert, but it is on you to take action! Our team at Anderson Restoration can assist after a flood with water extraction Jacksonville services, but it is on you to keep your family safe when that initial alert is released.

Understanding a Flood Alert

What is the cause of a flood alert? When a flood warning is issued, you have to plan as if a flood is going to be imminent. A flood is classified as an overflowing of water onto land that you would typically expect to be completely dry. A flood may be something that is classified as just a few extra inches of water, or to the point where your entire home is under.

Flooding is caused by a variety of things, including heavy rains, coastal storms and surges. A flood may appear without warning, known as a flash flood.

Keeping the Family Safe

You want to keep your family as safe as possible when it comes to a flood. Do not stress out about protecting your home. Our team of water extraction Jacksonville professionals is here to restore the home and your assets! Your job should be keeping you and your family safe.

You never want to walk or drive through flood waters. This can lead to all sorts of risks that can be present because you do not know what is under the water. When you see flooded streets, it is best to turn around and just head in the opposite direction, even if it is not where you intended to go. Just get away from where the flood is!

Watch out for the power of the water as well. Just six inches of water that is moving has the power to knock you right off of your feet. If there is more than that, you could find that it can even take your vehicle with it right down the street.

When you see a flood alert, think right away about heading to higher ground. You do not want to wait for a flood to leave you feeling trapped. Stay one step ahead so that you don’t get stuck and put your entire family in unnecessary danger.

Floods can happen anywhere! Be aware of flood alerts when they are issued and the safety precautions you can take to keep you and the family safe. Our team of water extraction Jacksonville professionals is there to help you with repairs and restoration. Be aware of the alerts and practice sound safety tips to stay ahead of the imminent dangerous waters.