Drip drip, drip dip. Have you ever had a leaky faucet? It can be annoying, and also potentially damaging to the home. The slow drip could lead to a need for flood damage service from our Jacksonville professionals if ignored for too long. What are some of the quick fixes for a leaky faucet? Let’s take a closer look:

Shut Off the Water Supply

There will be water shut-off valves below the sink where the faucet is leaking. You want to start by shutting off the water at those valves. Turn them clockwise to achieve this. If you do not see a shut-off handle, you may have what is known as a penny valve. You can use a flat screwdriver to turn the screw to shut off the water. At this point, the leak should stop!

Issues With the Water Valves

If you have old water shut-off valves, there’s a chance they will be broken. They may not be able to cut off the water supply completely. If that’s the case, locate the main household water shut-off and turn the water off there.

Remove Faucet Caps and Repair

On the faucets themselves, if you have two handles, each of them will have a cap on top. Remove the caps and you’ll find rubber O-rings. These rings are what allow the handles to turn the water off and on. If they are damaged, you may want to replace them to correct the leak. If not, then the entire stem of the faucet may need replacement.

Take the O-rings to the local hardware store and match them up to get the same type and size. Replace them at home and see if it is fixed.

Call a Plumber

If you are unable to repair the faucet leak, at least you have the water turned off! But, if you weren’t able to stop the water before flood damage occurred, you can call us. Hire a plumber to have your faucet professionally fixed. Some faucets leak excessively because they need to be replaced entirely. You may fall into this category, so be open to all options!

In the end, a leaky faucet is not all that bad. There are plenty of quick fix options that exist to stop the endless dripping. You’re going to want the leak to be professionally repaired, but put into action some of these quick fixes. Slow drips can lead to a need for flood damage service in your Jacksonville home, but if you act quickly it can be avoided. Call us at Anderson Restoration if needed and take care of that leaky faucet immediately!