Possible Flooding Issues that Result from Living on a Marsh

So many of us have big dreams of living out in the suburbs. We see pictures of these homes outside of the city with large yards and all of this natural space around us, and we yearn for it! We want to be there where it is quiet, peaceful and serene. As with anything, though, problems do come with it, especially if you live on a marsh. There are possible flooding issues that result from living on a marsh. We have helped many homeowners with our flood damage restoration services Ponte Vedra and can help you too, if necessary.

Water Level Rising

The biggest issue that comes with living on a marsh is that you are tied to the water table. The water table is the level of water below the ground. The more rain you get in a given season, the higher the water table is going to rise. As it begins to increase, it is going to pose greater risks of flooding. Have you ever walked in the backyard of your home and felt it get squishy? That is a sign the water level is much higher than it should be!

Basement Floods

Water levels that are too high pose the risk of flooding basements. The basement was naturally built below the ground. As the water levels get to an increased state, they can begin to seep through the concrete of the foundation and inside of the home.

A flood damage restoration services Ponte Vedra provider can help with flooded basements. We have seen so many instances where water tables have caused these areas of the home to flood. What also can be done is you can have the basement assessed before a flood occurs. See if there are areas where cracks can be seen. The foundation could have some weak spots which could be sealed up. When you do this and ensure you have appropriate drainage, you can reduce the risk of having to deal with floods inside of your home due to the marsh.

Flood Insurance Needs

If you live on a marsh, the chances are your insurance company is also going to require you to purchase extra coverage. Flood insurance is a regulatory requirement for consumers living in a flood zone. Marshes may qualify for this. Before you buy the home, this is something you want to get a firm understanding of due to the cost!

Living on a marsh is not the worst thing in the world. You need to be aware of nature around you a bit more and do what you can to prevent damage from occurring to the home. Many homes have stood on marshes for decades and some centuries. As homeowners, it is all about how you care for the situation and how you treat the homestead. Our team of flood damage restoration services Ponte Vedra professionals is here for you! All it takes is one phone call and we can be at your home to help in a flash!