Natural Ways to Avoid Mold and Improve Air Quality

Mold is one of those words that should immediately make a homeowner nervous when they think about it. The whole idea of having mold inside of your home is something that should make you timid, and for a good reason. Mold can be extremely detrimental to the overall quality of air inside of the home. When you face issues with mold, you are going to be exposed to potential health problems, poor air quality for breathing, among other things. Our mold testing service Jacksonville can help you with the detection of mold, but it is important to take natural steps to avoid it in the first place.

Replacing the Air Filter

One of the easiest ways to fight mold inside of the home is to work by replacing your air filter. When you live in the southern part of the country, it is likely that you have a central air conditioning system. The more that you run this system, the more air that is going to be passing right through it. These systems all have what is known as an air filter.R When the air filter gets dirty, it is going to restrict air flow. It can also allow for bacteria and use to get up into the system, making it easier for mold to begin to form.

Cleaning the Air Ducts

Having your air ducts cleaned is also crucial. One of the most common areas where our mold testing service Jacksonville professionals find mold is inside of the ducts. You should plan on having these air ducts cleaned regularly, at least once every few years. The more air that passes through them, the dirtier they are going to get. As the bacteria and such actually begins to build up, it is going to become that much more important to be sure that they are cleaned to allow for smooth airflow and reduced risk of mold growth.

Leak Prevention and Detection

You want to be aware if your home is exposed to any threat of having water damage incidents. When you have any water damage inside of your home, what is going to come along with it is the potential for mold growth? Just a bit of water that is allowed to sit in your home, especially in areas such as your basement, which are already humid, will lead to the growth of mold in no time at all. Our mold testing service Jacksonville can help to detect signs of this early.

It is best to try to prevent the growth of mold in the first place by stopping any signs of water leaks before they even occur. Check these areas of concern that are going to include things such as your windows, checking the foundation, garage doors, the roof, all of the risky areas that could easily allow you to get water flowing inside of them. The more work that you can do to prevent these sorts of things the better off that you are gong to be.

The natural steps that you can take to avoid the growth of mold are widespread. It is all about reducing the humidity levels in the home, making sure things such as your air ducts are cleaned. Be sure that you are doing the simple things like replacing your air filter. Go the extra mile to check for areas where water leaks could occur and seal up those potential problem areas. Should you get some water in the home, reach out to our mold testing service Jacksonville professionals so we can do our thing to be sure no mold exists. The natural steps can make all of the difference.