Mold Testing - Z5 Cartridge - Air Sample

Mold Testing – Z5 Cartridge – Air Sample

We did some mold testing in Ponte Vedra Beach on Monday and got the lab reports back today.    The samples we took consisted of 4 z5 air and 1 swab of an unidentified material.  The swab result was negative for fungi but the Penicillium / Aspergillus spores per cubic meter were off the charts from the z5’s.  After stopping back by the residence and more time inspecting,  we discovered the interior wall in the family room, along the fireplace, had moisture showing in our infrared camera.  Sure enough the mold was thriving behind the wall from a roof leak where the step flashing and counter-flash meet the chimney.  It is always a great feeling to identify the culprit and find the cause of the mold, if it was only this easy every time! These mold testing services can save you time and money. Let our experience and expertise protect you and your family.

– Aaron Anderson

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