Mold Removal Tactics Practiced Daily By The Very Best Remediation Professionals

As a homeowner, few things can have an impact on the air quality of your home like mold. Professionals like us at Anderson Restoration work tirelessly to help customers like you battle mold every single day. Mold can form from the littlest amounts of moisture within the home and once it manages to take hold, it can be long-lasting and can spread quite rapidly. There are things you can do with a mold removal Jacksonville perspective on your own, and it all starts with the eye test.

There are a few signs of excessive mold that you as a homeowner can be on the lookout for. Always check to see if you have any visible mold in your home. The locations where this is going to be most prevalent include areas such as your basement and your attic. Locales, where there is likely to be moisture build-up and such, are going to be the spots that mold has the best chance to spawn from. Have you had any past leaks or moisture issues that could have caused mold to form? Any areas of excess humidity in your residence? The questions such as these can help you pinpoint on your own if you have a mold problem.

Professional Tactics Start with Questions

Professionals like us at Anderson Restoration are going to start our mold removal Jacksonville by asking you questions. The issues we are going to be focusing in on include things such as what was talked about above. When was the last time that you had a water damage problem in your home? You could have a leak from a pipe and not even know it. What about odors, anything musty that has been building up over the past few weeks that is sticking out to you?

The questions that our team of professionals will be asking is intended to gather as much information as possible. The more that we know, the easier that it is going to be for us to identify where the source of the mold potentially could be.

Enlisting Technology

Technology is a powerful tool when it comes to the identification as well as the remediation of mold within the home. Our team of professionals has the very best equipment so that we can do cutting-edge mold testing.

Once we think that we have identified mold, we can test for it and have results back from our labs within as little as 24-48 hours. The technology that we enlist for our mold testing and remediation is not going just to include identification, but also on the removal of it.

Licensed and Experienced

Our team is both licensed and experienced in the state of Florida for mold assessment and remediation. This is a requirement in the state since new legislation was recently passed. With the license in hand, we can give our customers confidence that the approach that we take to identify and remove mold is thorough.

Mold needs to be cleaned with special chemicals, unique materials, for it to be entirely rid of. You would be surprised at just how hard it can be even to get a small area of mold removed from one of the walls of your home. Knowing how to do this best and relying on our team of professionals is going to be much more efficient, effective, and safe compared to you just scrubbing away on your own.

Mold is a scary thing to face as a homeowner. Our team of mold removal Jacksonville professionals at Anderson Restoration has the license and the experience to ensure that we do an efficient and effective job. We will take care of your mold problem timely so you can be safe in your home again.