Important Tips for Storing Propane Tanks

The safe storage of propane tanks is something that homeowners often struggle with and are confused about. How do you safely store a propane tank for the winter? When the summer months wind down, it is time to get educated about such a topic. Even if it isn’t related to the season ending, you may just have an extra tank lying around that you need to store until it is time to use it. The safe storage of propane tanks is pivotal to help avoid emergency fire restoration Jacksonville services, and we are here to help educate you.

Location of the Storage

You want to think about where exactly you are going store the propane tank. You want to store the container in an area that is going to be well ventilated. Keep it away from where there is going to be heavy traffic. Find a flat surface if you can. Something that is non-flammable, such as concrete is going to be best. You also want to have it on top of a material that is not going to be collecting a lot of water.

The water factor is crucial because you do not want the tank to rust faster than it should. Placing it down on grass that is damp, for example, can lead to excessive wear and tear on the tank. Storing it indoors is not advisable either. If you have an outdoor shed that stays dry, it may be your best scenario.

The Positioning of the Tank

You can store propane tanks either vertically or horizontally. What you want to do is to be sure that the relief valve is in line with the vapor space of the container. Keep the safety valve away from anything that could spark the tank to catch fire should there be an instance where propane can leak out.

If you have a propane tank that is full, you want to be sure you are keeping it upright when you store it. A propane tank that is mainly full and placed on its side is going to put excessive pressure on the relief valves. This is an easy way for propane to slowly leak out of the tank, potentially catching fire if it is connected with anything that could ignite it.

Propane tank storage is something you want to pay close attention to. There have been so many instances where we have gotten calls about emergency fire restoration Jacksonville situations, largely due to storage tanks not being adequately stored. Keep safety top of mind and have a general awareness of what is the right way to store it. The better your level of knowledge, the safer the practices should be.