Important Steps for Recovering from a Severe Summer Storm

A severe summer storm is something that you have to deal with annually when you live in the state of Florida. Summer storms are inevitable and can happen multiple times each storm season. When recovering from a severe summer storm, you need to keep in mind many important steps. Our team at Anderson Restoration takes pride in our flood damage Jacksonville expertise and are waiting to assist.

Having professionals that you can trust, a team that is just a phone call away is an asset that is invaluable. Severe summer storms can sometimes be predicted, and in other instances, they can crap up out of nowhere. You may not be fully prepared for the havoc that such a storm can cause to your home. Regardless of your preparedness, though, recovering from the severe summer storm is possible when you know what to hone in on.

Think About Safety, First

The first thing that you want to consider when recovering from a severe summer storm is safety. How safe is it to be in the home? Do you feel as though your family is safe staying there? How about your pets? Think about the safety factor, not just regarding whether or not you have water in the home, but how much bacteria has built up in there, the structural integrity of the home, etc.

If you do not feel as though the home is a safe place, get out! You never want to put you or your family in harm’s way when it is not necessary. If the household has been compromised, then take the bold approach of making a move immediately.

Call a Professional

The next step, after you assess the safety of the home, is to reach out to a professional. Have our number at Anderson Restoration ready! We have a team of flood damage Jacksonville experts waiting by the phone 24-hours per day, every single day of the week. You could call us in the middle of the night, and we will do everything in our power to get back to you with a response time that is one hour or less.

You want to get a professional out to your home to help with the restoration efforts promptly for a few reasons. The first is because you want your home to be restored and quickly, to get things back to normal. Second, though, is that the quicker that you begin restoration efforts, the easier that it is going to be to save the home. You want to try to keep your home as a structure, its assets, such as flooring and cabinets, as well as furniture and such.

The speedier that you reach out to us, the more that we are going to be able to do our job, to fully restore your home efficiently.

We will work to do everything, starting with an examination of the entire home from top to bottom. We will work to disinfect, to restore the home’s assets, focus in on problem areas. As we work through the restoration process following the severe summer storm, we always keep the end goal in mind of getting your home back to its state pre-weather event. A flood damage Jacksonville incident can happen in the blink of an eye and remembering safety and the benefits of calling us, the professionals, are two steps to keep the top of mind should such an unfortunate event occur.