Important Essentials in any Home Emergency Kit

A lot of value can be had from preparing ahead when it comes to home emergencies. You have probably heard about emergency kits for the home, but have you ever actually considered making one for your own family? If not, the time is now! The worst thing you can do is to be ill-prepared in the event of a disaster. Think about things like hurricane season, harsh winters and extreme summers. You never know when disaster will strike. We are here as your emergency fire restoration Jacksonville professionals, but it is up to you to get yourself ready as well!

The Need to Stay Hydrated

No matter what type of disaster or emergency situation you are preparing for, hydration is always going to be required. To adequately prepare from a home emergency kit prospective, pack bottles or pouches of water. You want the water to be portable so that you can have enough liquid to keep you and your family hydrated.

How About Staying Fed?

You need food to survive just as much as you need water. The goal with a home emergency kit is to stash away food that is nonperishable. Think about things that are not going to go bad. Packing away bread won’t be a good idea, it will get moldy and go bad fairly quickly! Think about things like granola bars or other types of energy bars. These can last for months without going bad, meaning you do not have to replenish the emergency kit all that often.


You also want to think about lighting. Portable light like flashlights or tea candles are ideal when you need emergency lighting. We have seen countless times in emergency fire restoration Jacksonville situations where power is out for extended periods of time of time. Having a flashlight, headlamp or anything to light the way handy can be of huge assistance.

Miscellaneous Medical

There will also be a series of miscellaneous medical supplies you are going to want to have handy. Pack a few days worth of medications such as Tylenol. If you have prescriptions, especially those that are life-preserving, be sure you have those on hand as well. Think about things like your blood-pressure medicine. You need this every single day, so make sure it is in the kit! Packing things like sanitary wipes, paper maps, scissors, duct tape and other things that could become necessary is also smart.

Take time and put in some thought about your home emergency kit. You want to consider all factors in preparing for a slew of potential situations. We at Anderson Restoration do the same when we think about our emergency fire restoration Jacksonville teams. We know emergencies can vary significantly. When we plan just like you do with a home emergency kit, you can be sure we are all ready.