Important Clues That Your Washing Machine Needs to Be Replaced

How many times have you looked at your washing machine and thought, “I need to replace that!” This is a common thing that so many of us feel about them, especially when we have a washing machine that is more than a decade old. Our water removal services Jacksonville professionals have come out to many homes to do restoration work due to a washing machine that was merely kept for too long. Be aware of the critical clues that your machine needs to be replaced so that this does not happen to you!

Leaking From the Unit

Are you starting to notice that the washing machine is leaking? This is the clearest cut sign that you have a washing machine that needs to be repaired or replaced immediately. Check the washing machine to see if there are any signs of leaking. If there are, you are going to want to replace the unit. Excessive leaking can lead to home water damage, resulting in a call to our water removal services Jacksonville professionals.

Noise From the Unit

Washing machines are going to make some noise, but they should not sound like an airplane is taking off! If you have a washing machine that is making that much noise, it is going to require the attention of a professional. Typically something like this is due to an imbalance of the unit and can be directly corrected. There are other cases though where the excessive noise could be more indicative of a significant problem with the unit.

Water Not Filling or Draining

When it comes to water not filling or draining, there are two different issues to be aware of. The first is that you have a washing machine that is not filling up the drum. You could have a problem with the hose, or with the hot and cold water faucets overall. Check all of those issues and see if that could be the trouble. The draining could also be due to a clog, or it could just be a matter of the unit not functioning as it should, signaling a need for a replacement.

Age of the Unit

If you have a washing machine that is more than 10 years old, you should be thinking about replacing that unit. Take action to have the unit replaced before it breaks down, leaks or has other issues.

We are not all experienced repair technicians. Because of that, it can be difficult for us to accurately gauge when a washing machine is functioning correctly and when it is not. Have a general awareness of where the washing machine stands regarding functionality. Know its age and check to see if it is showing any signs of breaking down. If it is, act accordingly so that it can be replaced before you end up needing our water removal services Jacksonville professionals to assist with cleanup.