Drying Up wet floor

You have had a long day at work and the weather outside has been anything but pleasant.  This has resulted in downpours all day long.  You walk into your home, only to find that you have water damage in your kitchen.  What are you to do now as a St. Johns County homeowner?  This is exactly the question that many homeowners in this area of Florida are faced with time and time again.  The state of Florida is one that gets its fair share of heavy rain and storms.  With these storms comes the potential for water to make it into your home.  Thi sis where you as a homeowner need to take educated and calculated action.


As a St. Johns County homeowner, what advice should you be following when you are facing water damage?  You need to take some things into consideration including timeliness, mold growth potential, as well as trying to keep your panic level at a minimum.  Take a deep breath and remember that your home can and probably will be restored to the beauty that it had prior to the water damage incident.  Let’s take a closer look at some advice you should be following.


The Worst Thing To Do Is Wait


The worst thing that you can do as a homeowner in the St. Johns County area is to just wait around.  If you leave water to just sit in any room in your home for days and weeks, the damage that the water is doing is only going to get worse.  This may seem like common sense but it is something that many homeowners forget about on a regular basis.  Water in the basement, for example, may be ignored for a week or more simply because you do not live in that area on a daily basis.  This can open you up to a slew of problems not only for the assets sitting in the water, but also for mold growth potential, which we will get to next.


What you should be doing is reaching out to a water damage restoration professional in the St. Johns County area within 48-hours of the damage taking place.  The quicker that you can get someone to your home to check out the damage the better off your home is going to be.  This will just make the restoration work that much more effective and efficient.


Do Not Forget About Mold Growth Potential


Mold growth potential is something that you always have to have in the back of your mind.  Whenever moisture is present in your home there is the chance that mold could grow from that moisture.  This is why that timeliness factor is so huge from an advice perspedctive, as we talked about in the prior section.


Mold grows from bacteria that forms as moisture sits in humid areas for periods of time.  A basement in a Florida home is a prime example of a humid area where moisture could grow into bacteria and more specifically mold in no time at all.  If the moisture is allowed to sit there for a few days there is a good chance you could end up with some mold starting to spawn.


Forget About Using the Wet Vacuum


You do not want to go into a water damage incident on your own with no experience.  Many people in the St. Johns County area will just grab their wet vacuum when they see water in their home and suck it up and call it a day.  What about the water that you cannot see though?  Moisture can easily build up in the walls of your home.  When you get a professional on-site they will be able to use infrared technology to see into these areas and then work to extract the water from where you can’t see.  This is the only true way to get rid of all of the moisture following a water damage incident.
You need to remember to always try and keep your panic level at a minimum following a water damage incident in your home.  Even though it may look bad at the moment, a water damage restoration professional is going to have your home looking as good as new again in a short period of time.  Help them by taking timely action to get them on-site and your home will be restored before you know it.