How to Unclog Your Sink With a Plunger

It is never a fun thing to end up with a sink that is clogged. Whether the sink has been plugged in the kitchen or bathroom, it can lead to wasting money on plumbers to fix something you can probably do on your own. Our emergency sewage cleanup Ponte Vedra team is here to provide you with tips on how you can unclog a sink with nothing more than a small plunger. You will be amazed at the simplicity of the process and the potential results.

Remove the Drain

If you have a pop-up drain that is inside the sink, the first thing you are going to want to do is to remove it. This will get it out of the way and clear the area so that you will be able to work on the clog actively.

Seal the Overflow

Sinks are going to have a small hole at the top of them. This is what is known as the sink overflow drain. If there is too much water, the overflow drain is supposed to kick in to help prevent the water from getting too high. A sink overflow can lead to an emergency sewage cleanup Ponte Vedra call to our team, but we’d like you to avoid that if possible! To be able to plunge the sink, you need this hole blocked. Use a wet rag to seal up the area.

Jelly on the Plunger

You then want to use petroleum jelly on the rink of the plunger itself. This is going to go on the rim that will then be placed down on the sink itself. The reason for the jelly is to allow you to use it as a caulking basically, to seal up the air around the plunger and make it more forceful when you begin to use it.

Get the Water Going

Now that you are set to go, the next thing you need is water running. If you have a sink that is clogged already and filled up with water, you do not have to do this step. If the sink is slow draining, though, get some water going inside of the drain before you begin to plunge.

Plunge Up and Down

Now, you are ready to go with the plunger. Plunge over the drain, going up and down several times in a rather quick fashion. This will begin to create the force that is needed to eliminate any clog that you have in the drain. If the clog does not seem to be corrected, keep at it for a few minutes to see if you can spring loose whatever is causing the issue.

You can do a lot regarding working with a plunger to correct a clogged sink inside of the home. Follow the steps we have detailed above. If needed, reach out to our emergency sewage cleanup Ponte Vedra team. Do not worry. You can get the sink back to normal in no time at all. Have some patience, trust the process and follow the steps above to get the results you seek hopefully.