How to Properly Submit an Insurance Claim after an Emergency

Emergency situations are going to happen inside of your home. Whether it is due to a busted pipe, a severe windstorm or hurricane, so many different things can lead to damage and the need for an insurance claim to be filed. When emergencies occur, do you know the proper steps to take? When do you need to file the claim and what is the proper way to do so? If you have water damage, do you file a claim before or after the damage has been repaired?

Contact the Insurance Company Immediately

The rule of thumb when it comes to filing an insurance claim with your provider is to get the claim in immediately. The quicker you can get in contact with your insurance company, the better. Once the insurance provider receives the claim, you can then act on the damage.

Call, email or use a smartphone app, reach your provider however you can. Whiling you are filing the claim, write down key information such as the representative that you spoke to, the claim number that you were assigned, etc.

Document the Losses

Make record of all the damage and losses you’ve suffered. Taking pictures and videos is going to make things much easier when working with the insurance provider. If you go forward with a restoration process, such as a sewage removal Jacksonville job, at least you will have the pictures to prove you had the problem in the home in the first place

Retain Receipts and Records

Keep track of all records you’ve received during damage control. Collect all your receipts and retain as many records as possible. Make sure to keep record of how it occurred and what you did to fix it. Documentation is crucial and the more you have, the better.

Don’t Throw Anything Away

If you have severely damaged, don’t even think about throwing them away! Have your insurance provider set you up with an adjuster so they can evaluate your items before they are disposed of. Even if it’s just photographs, be sure to hold on to them so you can get the recovery you deserve during the claims filing process.

Filing claims sounds overwhelming but following the proper steps will make things easier. If your home is in need of sewage removal Jacksonville services, make it a priority to call them once you’ve spoken to your insurance provider. Get professional help you can rely on so they can assist you in restoring your residence and saving your finances along the way!