How to Properly Clean Your Bathroom to Avoid Mold Growth

Oh the bathroom, a principal place in the home, yet one that is also one of the most unpleasant to have to clean. How many times have you only pushed out the need to clean the bathroom inside of your home? You probably have said time and time again, I need to clean the bathroom today, only for the day to go by and just nothing takes place. This is all too common of a string of events to see happen. Bathrooms can be nasty, and the more that time goes by, the grosser that they become. There is more to cleaning a bathroom than just making it germ-free, though; it is also about mold prevention and mold remediation Jacksonville needs.

The bathroom is the one room inside of your home that is the most likely to develop mold growth; it is as simple as that. The kitchen is second, but the bathroom is where the jackpot land is regarding moisture and bacteria. When you get the combination of those two things inside of any place, the chances of the mold being able to form and to do so rapidly are quite high. You want to properly clean your bathroom to avoid mold growth and mold remediation Jacksonville needs.

Clean Frequently

The first thing that you want to keep in mind here is that you want to clean the bathroom frequently. This does not mean to clean up every single day, but every few weeks the bathroom should be getting a fair amount of attention. The reason that you want to clean the bathroom at a regular frequency, often as well, is that it is going to help to reduce bacteria growth.

The fewer bacteria that you have in a room, the less likely it is going to be that you are going to end up with mold inside of the bathroom. Mold needs two things to form. It needs bacteria, germs, to be present, and it needs moisture. When these elements are in place, the mold can take hold faster than you could ever realize.

Dry After Cleaning

You want to be sure that you are drying everything after you go through the process of actually doing the cleaning. It is not enough to just spray down the bathroom, get it all wet, and then just forget it. If you spray down the tub or the toilet, make sure that you are wiping up after the fact. Do not use excessive amounts of moisture during the cleaning process as you may not be able to get to it afterward, leading to residual moisture and the ingredient for mold formation.

Using Solutions

There are plenty of quality bathroom cleaning products out there that are all aimed at making sure that germs are gone. Be certain that you are employing these products as you go through your bathroom cleaning process. Wiping things down with a towel is just not going to cut it because the bacteria is still going to be left behind. You may even do more harm than good cleaning like this because the bacteria will be fed with moisture as you are wiping away. Use a solution that kills bacteria and be sure that you are drying up thoroughly afterward.

Our team of mold remediation Jacksonville professionals has seen mold growth so many times inside of a home bathroom. Most of these occurrences are not due to leaks but are instead due to poor cleaning or occasional cleaning of the space. Clean the bathroom properly, and you will be in a much better position as a homeowner to fight off mold growth.