If you’re a typical red-blooded American, your home has decorations and furniture from wall to wall. We add paintings, side tables and plants to spice up our interior. Hate to break it to you, but some of your decor could be posing a risk to your home. If you have any indoor plants, you could also have a mold problem.

As homeowners, we do whatever we can to create a comfortable and quality living space. Aspects of your house like air quality that’s free of allergens and bacteria are even more important than a big sofa or HD TV. Homes are always at risk of mold growth, especially in humid and rainy environments like Jacksonville. Mold testing services, like the ones done by Anderson Restoration, can quickly identify mold and help you take action immediately. To be even more proactive in the war against mold, learn the ways to prevent it, especially in trouble areas like indoor plants.


Do Not Add Too Much Water

Be careful you aren’t watering your plants too much. If you know anything about mold, you know it grows best in moist environments. This is exactly why indoor plants can be risky if you’re not caring for them correctly. To prevent mold growth, know the exact amount of water your indoor plants need and give them no more and no less. The most common reason plants grow mold is because the soil is kept continuously wet, when in reality they should only be watered when the soil is dry.


Get the Plant in the Sun

It’s also important to let your plants get some sunshine. When you think about it, the sun plays a huge part in preventing mold. When plants are exposed to sun and heat, the moisture dries out. Your best MO is to give indoor plants as much sunlight as possible.


Clean the Plant Regularly

Daily care and maintenance is a must if you want healthy plants. Plenty of the calls we get for mold testing services are because mold has grown on plants and rapidly spread. To prevent mold, throw away dead leaves and materials. Constant maintenance means a healthy, mold-free plant.


Air Circulation

Making sure there’s constant air flow around your plants is another easy way to prevent mold growth. When you let moisture just sit, mold has the perfect opportunity to take action. Good air circulation will dry up moisture which prevents bacteria from growing. It’s as simple as the plants being in the vicinity of a ceiling fan!

Our mold testing services will identify any mold in your home and stop it in its tracks. But, it’s up to you to prevent mold growth, especially in seemingly harmless areas like your indoor plants. When you take the necessary steps that we’ve outlined, you’re doing your part to keep your home mold-free.