Ceiling Water Damage

One of the things that usually goes hand in hand with a water damage incident is the onset of bacteria and odor.  No one ever wants to have to deal with these two things in their home, but they are realities that have to be faced from time to time, especially when water damage occurs.  Water damage restoration Jacksonville professionals are trained to deal with these types of things, but it is also important for you as a homeowner to know the appropriate steps that you should take.  Once you start to experience water damage and especially once you start to smell an odor as a result of it.


You first and foremost do not want to ignore any odor or bacteria or water damage for that matter.  When you experience any of these things, a professional needs to be contacted nearly immediately.  If you do not feel safe in your home, you also should not keep you or your family there.  Awareness of things such as mold growth potential can also assist you as you go down the road of trying to restore your home to where it was prior to the damage.  


Ignorance is Worst


The worst thing that you can do when it comes to dealing with water damage, bacteria, and odor in your home is to ignore it.  The longer that you ignore it the more issues you are opening you, your family, and your home up to.  This is especially the case when you are dealing with odor that is a result of water damage.  The longer that the moisture is allowed to sit in your home the more damage that it is going to be able to do and the higher the chance for things such as bacteria growth, mold growth specifically.


Get a Certified Technician On-Site Immediately


You want to reach out to a water damage restoration Jacksonville professional almost immediately after a water damage incident ensues.  The rule of thumb that our certified technicians will tell you is that you want to get one of our experts on-site within 48-hours of the water damage taking place.  This is what is going to give us the best chance to not only identify all of the moisture in a timely fashion, but also take immediate action so that the assets that can be restored, actually are restored.  The longer that you wait, the more damage and chance for bacteria growth and odor spreading there is.


Don’t Stay if You Do Not Feel Safe


You never want to stay home if you feel unsafe as a result of a water damage incident.  If you smell a terrible odor as a result of the water damage and you do not think it is safe to say there, then you should probably leave.  Reach out to us and we can work to try and restore your home while you are away.  You never want to stay if you are not comfortable there as you could expose yourself and your family to bacteria and odors that are harmful.  Air quality should always be taken into account.  


Be Aware of Mold Growth Potential


Understanding that there is also walsy the potential for mold growth as a result of water damage is also pivotal.  This is what can spark as a result of the moisture in your home, the bacteria growth, and the odor that goes along with it.  Reaching out to one of our certified technicians and getting them on-site can you give a much better chance as trying to prevent the growth of mold before it starts.  You want to be very proactive when dealing with water damage and mold growth specifically as it is much easier to prevent it than get rid of it after the fact.  Once it starts and begins to spread, getting rid of mold and the bacteria and odor that goes with it can be a real challenge.

Dealing with bacteria and odor from a Duval County water damage incident starts and ends with reaching out to a professional timely.  The sooner that you can get a water damage restoration Jacksonville professional on-site the easier it is going to be to restore your home.  Being aware of all of the risks of the bacteria and odor is important as is understanding what steps you should take once you notice them.  Be proactive and help restore your home timely.