Water Damage Contractor

It’s rare that property owners need the the services of a water damage remediation company, but when they do, their choice of company can help avoid major problems. Phone books and online searching will show you a varied listing of handymen and general contractors, but few have the experience and training to properly handle serious water damage. While handling a water damage incident may seem fairly straightforward, long-term problems can arise if proper procedures are not followed. Mold and mildew can begin growing in as little as 24 to 48 hours, creating potential health hazards for any occupants. Structural damage and other losses may also occur from incomplete or ineffective drying techniques. Selecting the wrong or least expensive contractor could result in any or all of these issues.

There are two main characteristics property owners should use to evaluate potential water damage remediation companies:

  1. Company specialization — If a contractor specializes only in water damage incidents, they will have a greater understanding of the situation and the potential problems that may exist. Property owners should also check to see if a contractor has any certifications in water damage remediation. The most popular and specialized certification is one done by the IICRC. This certification shows that a contractor is trained specifically for water damage remediation and that they have access to the latest techniques and technologies.
  2. Customer testimonials —  Always check a contractor’s online reviews. Online review sites help protect consumers from contractors who are unqualified, unprofessional, or perform low-quality work. These review sites can also help consumers find potential contractors they may not have known about. Taking the extra time to read these reviews could save money and headaches. Contractors can also be evaluated on the length of time they have been in business, considering that companies that have been in business the longest probably have the most experience and are more likely to do high-quality work.

While no contractor evaluation can be perfect, these characteristics will help to narrow the field of potential contractors. Water damage remediation is a complex project, and leaving it to just any contractor could be a costly, damaging mistake.