With the popularity of Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and online forums, shoddy construction work is a dime a dozen. While many businesses that offer services through these avenues are reputable, it’s always smart to do your research. Our team is here to help you navigate the confusing world of hiring a great contractor. Take a look at three simple ways to ensure you hired the right crew:

Look into the Permits they Pull for the Project

A huge red flag for the validity of your contractor partner is when the wrong permits (or none at all) are pulled for a specific, large project. Ideally, you’re able to verify the right permits are obtained before the project begins. If you’ve missed this opportunity, it’s still smart to check into the work for which you paid. Contact your local municipality to ensure all building codes are followed. 

Are You Happy with the Clean-Up of the Workspace?

Small accidents happen. Big or small, any mistake made by the crew your hire should always be resolved before the project is over. Always do a thorough inspection of the space once the job is complete. Look for knicks in the baseboard, lost personal items and other obvious issues. While most contractors in Jacksonville do the job well and would never steal, you should always find peace of mind once they’re complete.  

Re-Read Your Contract 

A great contractor upholds every contractual agreement. Professionals reference the contract throughout the project to ensure they use the correct supplies and meet the requirements to which they agreed. If you notice a discrepancy in the work delivered versus what you paid for, always reach out to the contractor. Most of the time, the error is accidental and the professional will right their wrong. 

Anderson Restoration Offers Trustworthy, Top-Quality Contracting Work in Jacksonville

The professionals on our team go through extensive training and licensing to provide the quality work you deserve. COVID cleaning, fire/mold restoration and emergency clean-up are a few of the crucial services in which we specialize. 


Very professional team, communicated well, worked effectively with our schedules, and reacted to unexpected needs for specialized resources. We would use them again for restoration and repair work.

- John P., 5-Star Google Review


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