The holidays are a wonderful time of year. Friends and family come together sharing stories and laughter. We all decorate our homes, string lights and enjoy the moments. Many will purchase Christmas trees, start wood-burning fires and light candles. All of these present hazards to the home that must be acknowledged. As a fire damage restoration company, we want you to do your part to avoid common house fires across Jacksonville.

Maintain Christmas Trees

If you have a real Christmas tree, care for it. Water the tree daily so that it stays moist and use a sturdy tree stand with a broad base as well. Be aware of any heat sources inside the home. You do not want to put a Christmas tree near candles, fires or heating vents. Also, avoid radiators and space heaters.

Safety First with Lights

You want to practice safety when it comes to hanging lights during the holidays. Start with the lights you intend to place on the Christmas tree. Are all of the bulbs in great shape? Are the wires sound, not cracked or broken in any location? Be sure you only string up quality lights on the tree and elsewhere.

You also never want to leave lights unattended. Do not leave the Christmas lights on when you go to sleep at night! Turn them off. There is no need to leave them illuminated. All it takes is one spark for a fire to ignite. If you are not there to take care of the issue immediately, it can expand rapidly to become a more significant problem.

Deep Fried Deliciousness

We all love our fair share of deep-fried foods. Cooking oil is a combustible element when heated beyond the intended cooking temperature. Deep fryers present a real threat to a household if vapors light up.

Deep frying a turkey sounds like a great idea, but you want to be careful when utilizing one of these cooking tools. The recommendation by the National Fire Protection Agency is not to use them at all.

Scan the Electrical Box

It always makes sense to have your electrical box inspected. Be sure your home can handle both indoor and outdoor lights being strung. Talk to a professional if this is the first time stringing lights around your home. The more aware you are of the state of your electrical, the easier it will be to avoid a call to a fire damage restoration company like ours in Jacksonville.

Do not let the joyous season turn sour as a result of common hazards. As a fire damage restoration company, our goal is to help educate the community during this holiday season.