How to Avoid a Flood if You Live on the Intracoastal

Flooding is something that can strike from anywhere and at any time. You never really know when a flood is going to arise. All that you can do, especially if you live on the Intracoastal, is to prepare as much as you can. There are plenty of ways you can work to avoid a flood in your home. Our flood damage restoration services professionals working in Ponte Vedra have seen many instances of home floods, especially because of a lack of preparation. Take action in the name of flood prevention!

Protect Climate and Electrical Systems

Safeguard the climate and electrical systems in your home. Raise switches and circuit breakers so that they are above where you would expect a flood level to strike in the home.

Modify things like the furnace as well. You want the furnace and water heater, for example, to be sitting above what the flood level of your property is. Our flood damage restoration services professionals working in Ponte Vedra have seen homes flooded and damaged too many times by not taking these simple steps!

Check the Grading and Slope of the Home

What is the grading or slope around the home? Do you have an angle on the ground that will work to direct water away from the house? If you do not, you may want to think about water drainage systems that can help. You want water draining away from your residence, not flowing into it and building up around it.

Backflow Valves

A backflow valve may also prove to be worthy of investment. An interior or exterior backflow valve will help in the event a flooded sewage system causes back up into your home. The idea here is for them to be able to open and allow water to flow out when necessary and close when water is trying to come in, protecting the residence.

Easy Maintenance Fixes

Plenty of maintenance actions exist as well to help reduce the risk of floods and flood damage. Clear out the gutters that are around the home. A clogged gutter is an easy way to increase the risk of home flooding. Regularly clean and clear drains and downspouts as well.

If you are in a situation where a flood is imminent, try moving furniture, rugs and electronics to an upper floor. If you live on one level, try to raise them above the ground at least. Shutting off electricity at the breaker panel can also reduce the risk of damage.

Living on the Intracoastal is going to put you at an increased risk of flooding. Taking the necessary precautions and doing what you can to prepare the home is the best course of action. Follow some of the steps we have laid out above to avoid floods and the need for our flood damage restoration services Ponte Vedra to come out. If you do experience any flooding, our team can efficiently get you through the process in restoring your home. Call us today!