You go to your office every single day with a team that you love to work with.  You sit in your offices and or your cubicles and work the day away.  What happens, though, when that office gets flooded and you have to deal with water damage?  What are you as a business owner to do to ensure that your office and ultimately your business can get back up and running as quickly as possible?  Water damage is not something that should be ignored in an office and the quicker that you act the easier of a time you will have in restoring your office to its prior state, before the water ever made its way in.

So exactly how quickly should you act when your office suffers a water damage incident and who do you call?  Water damage restoration professionals in the Jacksonville and Orlando, FL areas have extensive experience in dealing with all types of water incidents.  They have processes, guidelines, and performance standards that they adhere to in order to ensure that something such as your office can be brought back to where it was prior to the water damage in no time at all.  Let’s take a look at when you should act and why it is so important.

Water Damaged Basement

Acting Within the First 48-Hours

When your office suffers from any type of water damage it is imperative that you act within the first 48-hours to reach out to a water damage restoration professional.  This does not mean wait 48-hours, try to mop up the water, wait a few weeks, then call someone when you notice mold growing.  You want to get a professional on-site as quickly as possible.  Water damage restoration professionals have set plans that they have to follow to ensure that their work is done effectively and efficiently.

Calling a water damage restoration professional within the first 48-hours of the incident occurring is going to give them a chance and your office a chance to get restored to its original state in no time at all.  The quicker that they can get on-site the less remedial damage that they are going to have as a result of the water making it in.  The longer the water sits, the more damage that it can do, bottom line.

Preventing the Growth and Spread of Mold

Standing water can allow for the growth and spread of mold in no time at all.  Once standing water is allowed to just sit there in an office, seeping into the flooring or walls or ceiling, mold can start to grow in just a few days time.  You want to work to prevent the growth and spread of mold as best you can.  Taking timely action to reach out to a water damage restoration professional will allow you to get them on-site so that they can try and prevent mold from ever growing in the first place.  Once mold does grow in an office, you’ll have to ensure it is fully removed before you can begin to safely work in there once again.

Minimizing the Loss of Business Income

The longer that your business is unable to operate, the more business income you are losing.  Just because you are not in the office does not mean you aren’t paying for rental expenses of the office space, salaries, and so on.  When no one can work the business cannot function and make money.  Water damage restoration professionals can work to get your office back up and running in no time at all.  This allows them to minimize the loss of business income that you have.  If they can get on-site within 48-hours of the water damage incident, it may only be a day or two that you have to ultimately be out of the office to allow the restoration to take place.

Water damage is nothing to mess around with as a business owner with an office.  Office space is a valuable commodity to ensure that your business runs effectively and efficiently.  When it suffers from water damage, reach out to a professional within the first 48-hours.  Doing so is going to allow them to begin their work to execute their thorough water extraction process.  This allows your office to get back to where it was in no time and get everyone back to work.