How Often Should You Have Your Carpet Cleaned?

When was the last time you had your carpet professionally cleaned? Typically, we only bring in professionals to get rid of a lingering odor, tough stains or when we have a rug desperately in need of a cleaning. The best way to maintain your carpet is to be proactive about it. It’s unhealthy to wait until it gets to that point of stain or stench to call in professionals. You should get in the habit of having your carpet cleaned regularly. Our emergency restoration Jacksonville team often sees carpets in very rough shape; don’t let yours get there too!

Consider All of the Foot Traffic

Consider all the foot traffic that you have going through your home, ruining your beautiful carpet. Do you have children or pets? Even if you live on your own, your carpet is wearing subtly.

The carpet is slowly taking a beating and a regular cleaning is what you need! This is going to help keep it looking new, fresh and smelling great. We suggest having a professional cleaning properly every 9-12 months. This is a good suggestion to follow considering all of the foot traffic and odors your carpet endures over time.

Get Regular Cleaning Scheduled

Work with a local professional cleaning company to get on their regular calendar. You do not want carpet cleaning to be an ad hoc exercise. When you try taking on this project on your own chances are you’ll forget to call when the time is right. Having regular cleanings scheduled guarantees your carpet will get the attention necessary without the hassle of calling to schedule an appointment every 9-12 months.

Emergency Cleaning Needs

Instances will occur where emergency cleanup is going to be needed. Say you have a flood inside of the home and you’re in a position where you need it professional cleaning ASAP. Reach out to an emergency restoration Jacksonville company you can trust! We would be more than happy to help.

Make sure you are giving the carpet gets the attention it deserves. Don’t overlook your carpeting needs, get on a regular professional cleaning schedule. This will reward you with better smelling, longer lasting carpet. Our emergency restoration Jacksonville team is here to help restore carpet in any condition.

Our team at Anderson Restoration is willing to do everything we can to get out to your home right away. We will take the actions needed to restore your carpet or rug to its former glory. When an emergency occurs, call on an emergency restoration Jacksonville company team. We’re a team you can trust.