How Mold Could Be Harming Your Pets

Mold is something that truly can be harmful to the pets that you have inside of your home. So many of us treat our pets like they are a member of our family, just as important as our children, and rightfully so. Dogs and cats are known to be the best friends of so many of us, ready and willing to welcome us home daily with cheer and delight. It is for this reason that you want to be sure that your pets are living in a safe environment, able to thrive and be as healthy for as long as their lives will possibly allow. Mold can be a detractor in that pursuit, but our mold remediation Jacksonville professionals are here to help.

Mold as an Allergen

Mold is a major allergen that can drive down the quality of life of so many people. Humans are impacted by mold in the same way that they are affected by pollen outside, or even their pets if they are allergic to their fur, for example. There have been so many cases that are well-documented that have linked mold to health risks for humans, causing respiratory issues, among other developments.

The number of cases that have been associated with pets though is not quite as plentiful in raw numbers. Is the reason for this because pets are not at as high of a risk to mold when compared to humans? Research has shown that the fact is that pets are at even increased risk of ingestion of mold compared to people, it is just that we are not paying as much attention to them as we should have been.

Mold Harms Pets

Mold can be extremely harmful to pets and our mold remediation Jacksonville professionals have seen these impacts time and time again. The reality with domestic animals, when you compare them to you or I, for example, is that they are smaller. They have respiratory systems that are going to be far more sensitive, due to their size mostly, when compared to adults or even kids. These little dogs and cats are stuck inside of the house all day, most of the time, and are going to be there just breathing in the mold and related bacteria in and out.

Indoors is not the only at-risk area for pets though, as outdoor mold can get them as well. While indoor mold is the more problematic area between the two, it is pivotal to be aware of both.

The Impact on Pets

The same type of illnesses that humans are going to suffer from when ingesting mold are what is going to affect pets as well. Pets are going to suffer from allergy symptoms that are going to include things such as having a runny nose, having skin that is scaly, coughing and sneezing, among other things. These are all related to the impact on their respiratory systems from breathing the mold and bacteria all day long.

Treating the Problem

You can take your dog or cat to the veterinarian once they have an ear infection from mold ingestion, but it is only going to be a temporary fix. They will treat the symptoms just they would if it was caused by something else. Unless the source of the problem is set, though, the issues are going to keep coming back. This is why our team of mold remediation Jacksonville exists, to get rid of the mold inside of the home to protect not only you and your family but your pets as well.

Mold needs to be fully identified and removed to avoid the health issues related to it. When you call on us, our team of certified mold assessment and mold remediation Jacksonville pros will be able to work to free your home of the source and help your pets live healthier lives inside of your home.