Home Assets That a Flood Damage Restoration Professional Can Likely Save

There is a lot of magic that can be worked by a flood damage Jacksonville professional. We as a team of professionals probably do not realize sometimes the abilities that we have and the work that we do. When our customers speak to us, though, and thank us for our amazing work, it is then that we gain a better understanding and gratitude for the assistance we have provided. Water damage events can be truly debilitating to a home, they can ruin walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and many other home assets. The vast majority of these, though, can be restored by professionals like us.

It all comes down to timing for you as a homeowner. You need to stay on top of water damage events so that you know when they have arrived, when damage has occurred, and know who to call in such an instance. Our team of professionals at Anderson Restoration always stresses the importance of the 48-hour rule. When water has made its way into the home, when you have suffered from flood damage, no matter how minor or major, you want to reach out to us within that time window. The sooner we can be on-site, the more powerful our restoration work will certainly become.

Walls and Ceilings

The walls and ceilings of your home are two areas where we really can do wonders in terms of flood damage Jacksonville restoration work. When we come out to the home we can work to assess where all of the water is, how much moisture is on the walls, inside of them, the same thing with the ceilings. Once we are able to identify all of this, we will devise the best plan possible to be sure that the walls and ceilings are fully restored. This could mean simply cleaning the walls and ceilings, it could mean cutting out certain sections to have them replaced, but we will do what it takes.


The flooring of your home also has the potential to be severely damaged from a flood damage Jacksonville event. This is especially the case if you have wood flooring. Once wood can saturate into the wood, it can really cause some issues. We want to get on-site as quickly as possible so that we can work to dry up all of the moisture. If damage has occurred, it may be a matter of having those hardwood floors refinished so that they can look as good as new again. Flooring always has the potential to be restored after a flood has hit the home.

Furniture and Other Assets

There is so much more that we have the ability of restoring following a flood damage Jacksonville event. Think about all of the furniture in your home, couches, chairs, kitchen tables, benches. These are all things that need to be out of the water as soon as possible so that they can begin to be worked on and fully restored. Our team knows this and when we are on-site in your home quickly after the incident strikes, we can restore all of these types of assets with a lot of success.

Timing is everything when it comes to a flood damage Jacksonville event. We want to be able to help you as a homeowner as much as possible and the quicker we are on-site, the easier that job becomes for us. On top of that, our success rate increases that much more as well. There are few assets that we cannot restore after a water damage event and once we begin our work, we will try and get your home restored fully and fast.