River water being pumped out of flooded house

There is a lot to figure out following a water damage incident in your Duval County home.  It can be a shocking moment when you enter your home, only to find that water has managed to make its way in.  Water can make it into the home in a variety of ways.  It can come in through a basement via cracks in the foundation.  It could also come in through a roof or through a window that has been screaming to be replaced.  Once you get water damage it is time to figure out the necessary next steps.

The first thing that most people will do following water damage in their Duval County home is to reach out to a water damage restoration professional.  Once you do this they are going to be there on-site to work through their process of trying to get your home back in working order.  This is accomplished via a step by step process where they start by identifying all of the moisture and coming up with a plan of attack to get rid of it.  It is then all about restoring whatever was damaged so that your home can look as good as new all over again.  What can you do as a homeowner to get more information pertaining to this process though and water damage specifically?  Let’s take a closer look at four good questions to ask following a water damage incident in your Duval County home.

Will Mold Growth Be Prevented?

Mold is a very scary thing to deal with in the home.  You want to prevent mold growth at every juncture so that you do not have to try and get rid of mold.  Once mold begins to grow it can do so at a very rapid rate.  Once mold starts to grow it is going to expand and it is going to get into many other parts of your home.  This can lead to a hefty bill to try and get rid of the mold after it has grown.  Preventing mold is a much more cost-effective option and is also much better for your home.

A water damage restoration professional will prevent mold growth by working to timely identify all of the water in your home and get rid of it promptly.  When you ask this question, a water damage restoration professional will likely tell you time is everything.  Reaching out to a professional within 48-hours of water damage taking place is pivotal.

How Do You Detect All of the Moisture?

This question will help give you an understanding as to just how all moisture is detected.  Water damage restoration professionals are going to use infrared technology to detect all moisture.  This is going to allow them to not only find water that is visible to the human eye, but also find water that may be in the walls or soaked into wood, furniture, and so on.

How Can You Be Sure All Moisture is Gone?

The water extraction technology utilized by water damage restoration professionals is pretty impressive.  Asking this question will help you understand just how water is extracted following such an incident.  You need to be sure that all moisture is completely eradicated from your home.  This is what is going to allow your assets to be restored and also the chances of mold growth be diminished to near zero.

What Should I Do If I Have Water Damage Again?

This may be the first time you ever have experienced water damage in your home, but it may not be the last.  Talk through the process with a water damage restoration professional so you know how timely to call them should such an incident ever occur again.  The rule of thumb is typically to reach out to them within a day or two so that they can get to your home and start working towards remediation right away.

It is no fun dealing with a water damage incident in your home.  Asking the right questions of the water damage restoration professional you hire in Duval County though can help you have an understanding and an appreciation for the work that they are doing.  This can help you gain confidence in knowing and understanding just how your home has been and is being restored.  Taking timely action can get your home back to new in no time at all.