Mold Below Window

How many times have you heard about a homeowner having fear that they have mold in their home?  Where does this fear originate from?  We all are well aware that mold is certainly not a good thing to be exposed to in our homes, but why?  What exactly are all of these health concerns that we need to be aware of?  Understanding all of these health concerns can be extremely important when you want to have the big picture in terms of why it is so important to prevent mold in the first place.


We at Anderson Restoration take a great deal of pride in our mold removal service Jacksonville.  We are here to help you fight mold in the home whether it is preventing it following a water damage incident or trying to get rid of it after it has already developed past a certain point.  


Respiratory Issues


One of the more common things that can occur when mold strikes the home involves respiratory problems for those that are exposed to it.  This includes wheezing and just a general difficulty in terms of being able to breathe normally.  Mold is going to cause issues more severely in some people than in others.  We are not all going to be facing the same troubles in terms of respiratory problems as a result of mold.  It will depend largely on just how sensitive we are to mold and other similar bacteria that can build up.


Eye Irritation


Have you ever had allergies that have resulted in your eyes becoming extremely irritated?  This is something that is commonly going to be caused by mold and bacteria being in the home and in the air.  This irritation can cause the eyes to get quite red, itchy, runny, among other things.  The irritation can be persistent until the mold problem is fully rectified with a mold removal service Jacksonville.


Stuffy Nose


Having a stuffy nose is no fun to say the very least.  When you have a stuffy nose it is going to impact your breathing, impact your speech, and your quality of life overall.  This type of reaction is one of the more common though that we see when you are exposed to mold and other forms of bacteria.  Think of the stuffy nose similar to what you would have in the event that you came down with a bad cold or a bad case of the allergies during pollen season.


Skin Problems


It is never any fun when you start to develop skin problems that can result in rashes, itching, among other things.  These skin problems are going to be prevalent when you have mold and other bacteria in the home.  Again, similar to the other symptoms, this is not going to be the same for everyone.  Your sensitivity to the bacteria and also how dense it is in the home is going to have an impact on the skin problems that you are going to face.  When you have mold and bacteria though you are almost certainly going to be facing some issues.  

You want to be aware of all of the health concerns that go along with having mold in your home.  This is why our mold removal service Jacksonville is so important to take advantage of.  It does not take long at all after a water damage incident for mold to develop in the home.  The quicker you react to the water damage the better the chance we at Anderson Restoration will have at preventing the mold from developing. Should it develop, being aware of some of the symptoms and side effects of mold can give you an idea as to what to be on the lookout for.