Water damage is something that always needs to be on your radar, especially when you live in a climate that is prone to some pretty nasty rain storms such as that of Jacksonville, FL.  Water damage Jacksonville and flooding of some kind is an event that is probably going to have to be dealt with by the vast majority of homeowners at one point or another.


It all comes down to knowing what to do as a homeowner and how to get rid of the water in your home following a flood.  There truly is a science to water damage Jacksonville restoration.  This is where we at Anderson Restoration come into play as we are the experts in their field in terms of identifying where all of the water resides and coming up with the best approach to getting rid of all of the water for you.  There are things you can do on your own as well to get the ball rolling.


Wet Vacuum

The first two examples here in terms of what you can do to get rid of water are really the do-it-yourself tactics.  These certainly are not recommended as the be all and end all solution to a flood in the home, but they can be effective to a certain point.  A wet vacuum is something that we probably all have and can pull out to start the process of sucking up as much water as we can.  This can be a good tactic to start on while you are waiting for us at Anderson Restoration to arrive.


Pull Out the Map

A mop can also be surprisingly useful when you have a lot of water that is just sitting there on the floor.  A mop can start the process of trying to dry the area and get as much water up as you can on your own.  Mops are not going to be as effective as a wet vacuum, but if this is all that you have it can be a good first step.


Using a Dryer

This is where we at Anderson Restoration begin to come into play with the technology and experience that we bring to the table.  We have drying equipment that is intended at drying up any residual moisture that exists in the home.  This is what is going to allow us to be sure that we are drying all of the moisture that may reside in the walls of the home, in the ceiling, flooring, and anywhere else.  Heavy duty drying equipment can go a long way to helping with water damage Jacksonville restoration.


Water Extraction Equipment

When drying is not going to cut it, we have special extraction equipment that we can employ as well.  This is going to include things such as our infrared technology that is going to help us to identify where all of the water exists in your home and where we need to take some action.  You never want to miss out on any water as the more that it is able to stand there, the more damage it can cause.


Professional Advice  

It never hurts to have a professional help you in terms of dealing with any home incident, whether it be a water damage Jacksonville incident or something else.  We are always available around the clock to come out to your home and help you face a flood event head on, with the goal of taking care of everything as effectively and as efficiently as possible.
A flood in the home is nothing that anyone ever wants to have to deal with, but it does happen.  What you want to do is be prepared and have the knowledge to know what to do when a flood occurs and the best tactics to get rid of any water.  We are here to help you down this road to water damage Jacksonville restoration to make your home look brand new all over again.