Do I Need To Hire A Restoration Company?

There are many different ways that your home can be struck by water damage. The state of Florida is prone to some unusual weather events. We are hit with big tropical storms, hurricanes, major wind events, as well as just torrential downpours. Even outside of that, something as simple as a leaky pipe inside of the home can also lead to water damage events. Once your home is underwater, literally, the question turns into whether or not you should be hiring a restoration company, a water extraction Jacksonville professional.

There is often a lot of misconception about the steps that should be taken by a homeowner following a water damage event. They think that they know what to do, what the process is they need to follow to get the home back to normal. They will walk through this, grabbing the wet vacuum, a mop, and think that they can call it a day from there. The amount of impact a water damage event can have on your home extends far beyond just a puddle you see in the basement, and that is why a water extraction Jacksonville carries a lot of value.

Identifying the Moisture

How confident are you that you have been able to determine all of the moisture that you have in your home? Are you fairly confident that you know there is no water inside of your walls, on the ceiling, or underneath the flooring of the home? The naked eye only reveals so much, and your lack of knowledge as to where water can make it once it is inside of your home can also lead to false comfort around this area.

The identification of all of the moisture inside of the home is one of the significant value points of our water extraction Jacksonville professionals. We have a technology, like infrared, that is going to allow us to see where the human eyes simply cannot. We are going to use this type of technology, along with our knowledge, to drive success.

Full Moisture Extraction

Total moisture removal is what you are looking for when you are a water extraction Jacksonville professional. Our team wants to make sure that we have dried up every bit of water that we have been able to find inside of your home. When you are going at it alone, with the mop and the wet vacuum, chances are there is going to be some water that you are going to miss out on.

The residual moisture that remains is what is going to be able to saturate into the home, causing further damage, and even potentially spawning the growth of mold. You want full moisture extraction, and you are not likely going to achieve this without our expert assistance.

Asset Restoration

How confident are you that you are going to be able to restore all of the property that has been hit by the moisture inside of the home? Asset restoration is something that a typical homeowner is simply not going to know how to tackle. So many will just throw away furniture, rugs, and other items after they have been hit by a flood. What they do not know is that by calling a water extraction Jacksonville professional, we would have likely been able to restore many of these things. Our professional service carries a price tag, but it can also help you avoid the need to replace furniture or do major home repairs due to inadequate clean-up.

Moisture inside of the home is nothing to smile about. It makes for a time of stress for homeowners, putting their residence at risk, assets, as well as their family. There is a lot of value that can be gained by relying on our water extraction Jacksonville professionals, rather than going it alone. When you understand why you should call us, it helps to put our services into perspective, in more of a value-add eye.