How do you know if you have water damage inside your home? The most obvious indication is seeing mold! If you see mold beginning to grow in rooms, the attic or basement then water damage is a current issue. What happens if it’s not easy to spot, though? How do you know if you need to call on an emergency restoration company like us in Jacksonville? Some indicators are not as clear and apparent but we’ve put together some common signs you can watch out for:

Spotting Water in the Ceiling

Do you have spots appearing on the ceiling or walls? If so, the spots are a clear sign you have water damage. Water on the ceiling will appear like a dark spot and over time, begin to turn brown.

Musty Smells

Does your home smell different? Where is it coming from? You may be experiencing water damage without even realizing it with your own eyes, but your nose can tell a lot! Watch out for musty smells as it may be a sign that water is dripping somewhere in the home.

Pooling Water in the Basement

Pools of water in the basement are another indicator of water damage. The pools of water may appear and then dry up in the next day. The evaporation of the moisture does not mean it can be ignored! Ignorance of water damage can lead to mold growth, the more obvious water damage sign. Figure out the source of the pooling water to prevent its recurrence.

Peeling Paint

Do you notice that paint is beginning to peel off of the walls? The peeling paint may be an indicator that water is inside the walls. You do not have to see spotting on the walls for water damage to exist.

Sagging Walls and Ceilings

Sagging walls and ceilings is another sign you a have water damage issue. The sagging may not be noticeable at first, but as it worsens, it will be much more apparent. Watch the structure of the home including the walls and ceilings for signs water is in there.

Water damage is not something to mess around with! You need to keep an eye out for signs of damage and any moisture in the home that shouldn’t be there! Notice the signs early and take action by reaching out to us at Anderson Restoration. We are the emergency restoration company you can rely on to help get your Jacksonville home back!