Flood Damage

3 Reasons to Use Infrared Technology After a Flood

One of the areas we take a lot of pride in at Anderson Restoration is our ability to stay up with the latest technology and equipment. For us to do our job effectively, we need to have the very best tools available in the market. Our flood damage service Jacksonville professionals are equipped […]

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Important Steps for Recovering from a Severe Summer Storm

A severe summer storm is something that you have to deal with annually when you live in the state of Florida. Summer storms are inevitable and can happen multiple times each storm season. When recovering from a severe summer storm, you need to keep in mind many important steps. Our team at […]

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Emergency Preparedness for Waterfront Homes

The great thing about owning a home that is on the waterfront in the state of Florida, or anywhere for that matter, is the fantastic views. It can be breathtaking to be able to look out of your front window and just lay your eyes on the gorgeous ocean waters. These views do […]

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Preparing Your Home For Hurricane Season

Once the month of June rolls around, the state of Florida and other parts of the country begin to enter what is known as hurricane season. Hurricane season is a time where you want to prepare, be proactive, try and get ahead of the game before you are rushing to develop as a storm […]

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Important Steps to (Quickly!) Take if Your Home or Office Floods

There is often a lot of confusion amongst homeowners regarding what they should be doing if a flood strikes. The same goes for those running a business with an office today. Once you are faced with a flood, what are the first three or four things that you should be doing? What […]

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5 Ways to Avoid Flooding in Your Home

One of the best things that you can do as a homeowner is to take preventative measures against flooding. You do not want to be reactive when it comes to a home flood. Instead, what you want to do is to put in controls that are going to act to reduce the risk […]

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Protecting Your Pets Following a Water Damage Incident in the Home

A lot is going on inside of your home following a flood. You are thinking about protecting your family, saving as many of your home’s assets as possible, and restoring the residence to the way that it was before the event taking place. One of the things that may not be top of […]

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The 48-Hour Rule and How It Impacts Homeowners Experiencing Flood Damage

Flood damage is something that so many homeowners are going to have to face at some point during their lives living in the Jacksonville, FL area. We are known to get some of the nastiest rainstorms in the entire country on an annual basis. Hurricanes, tropical storms, even just those summer downpours that […]

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The Role Thermal Imaging Plays in Ensuring Your Home is Dry After a Flood Incident

There are so many different tactics and tools that we have at our disposal as flood damage Jacksonville professionals, but it knows what to employ and when. When does it make sense to use something such as thermal imaging and what role does it play following a water damage incident? Understanding these things […]

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Home Assets That a Flood Damage Restoration Professional Can Likely Save

There is a lot of magic that can be worked by a flood damage Jacksonville professional. We as a team of professionals probably do not realize sometimes the abilities that we have and the work that we do. When our customers speak to us, though, and thank us for our amazing work, it […]

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