Fire Damage

3 Reasons Proper Cleanup After a Fire is so Important

Proper cleanup after a fire is critical. House fires are scary events that unfortunately do happen. As a homeowner, it is on you to ensure emergency restoration Jacksonville service is employed, when necessary. There is only so much you can do on your own! Our team of pros at Anderson Restoration […]

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How a Fire in Your Home or Office can Affect Your Health

A fire can be debilitating for a household on many levels. When you suffer a fire, you likely have some serious losses. Your finances may not be in the best shape, nor is your prized possession: your home. Anderson Restoration is there for you as your fire damage restoration service Jacksonville professional, […]

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Home Appliances Most Commonly Linked to Fires

We have many appliances inside of our homes. Think of everything we rely on daily. Just to name a few, we utilize the oven, dishwasher and washing machine. The fact is we have a lot of appliances we run all of the time in our homes. We do not think much of […]

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4 Dangers that Could Cause a House Fire

House fires can spark in an instant. You could blink and something inside of your home could catch fire, quickly starting a flame and spreading rapidly. The dangers of a house fire are real, and its cause must be documented. Awareness is vital so that you can work to prevent such fires […]

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3 Precautions to Prepare Your Family for a House Fire

We all have the common understanding that few things in life are scarier than a house fire. Most of us never actually think that a house fire is going to strike us though. We watch the news and see all of these instances of terrible house fires, where homes are torn apart by […]

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How to Safely BBQ this Summer

You may not realize it, but you are putting yourself at risk every single time you go to light up the BBQ. It can be quite dangerous to BBQ in those hot summer months, or any time of year for that matter, when you do not practice taking safety measures. Many of the […]

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What You Need to Know About Kitchen Fires

There is nothing at all that is appealing about a kitchen fire. Any fire inside of your home is something that is extremely feared by homeowners, and for a good reason. When you are struck with a kitchen fire, it is something that is going to put you, your family, your pets, and […]

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Understanding the Process of Restoring Your Home Following Fire Damage

Fire damage is something that no homeowner should ever have to endure.  The extent of damage that can be caused by a fire can be devastating for a home.  Thankfully there are experts in the Jacksonville, FL area and abroad that are ready to get your home back in tip top shape following an unfortunate […]

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What are Fire Damage Repair Specialists and How Can They Help Your Home?

Every home is going to have to go through some troubles from time to time.  It may be a water damage incident, fire damage, or something completely outside of the box that harms your home in some way.  Just like you take care of your children, you need to take care of your home as […]

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